Prefunding Notifications and Reports


Reporting of prefunding conditions will be done as follows:

  • An email notification will be sent to you immediately
  • An Input Verification & Edit Report and the File Input Payment Confirmation Report will be sent to you. These reports will be produced again if:
    • A previously blocked file is rectified and is unblocked
    • A file remains blocked due to other conditions
  • A Client Settlement Totals Report is sent at the end of day to help you with the reconciliation of your payments. It provides you with the amount of current day and/or future dated payments that have been received and processed from your files. It will also show a total of various activities on payments processed through RBC Express ACH Payment Manager and activities on payments relating to the Mass Request functions.

Click on the following reports for more information.

File Input Payment Confirmation Report

Payments Activity Report

Mass Request Report

Payments Register

If the prefunding conditions are corrected but the other blocked conditions still remain, no notification will be sent and your transactions will continue to be blocked. If your file is blocked but it has no prefunding conditions attached to it, you will not receive an email notification. Please advise RBC if the file should be unblocked or deleted.

If you send multiple files and they are all blocked, the retry process for the funds verification and any other prefunding conditions is based on the order that your files were received – the first file received is the first one to be checked.

We will also check to ensure that there is no duplication of files. If your first file is unblocked because the prefunding condition no longer applies and your second blocked file has a duplicate file creation number, then the file will remain blocked. We will produce another Input & Verification Edit Report, but no email notification will be sent.

When converting from a “Daily Limit” option to “Prefunding”, if funds are not available in your control account, your ACH Direct Deposits Service will remain unchanged and no email notification will be sent.

Email alerts will be sent to you when there is a change to the status of your transactions and any service conversions within your ACH Direct Deposits.

Changing your Daily Limit Status to Prefunding

With approval from the RBC Account Manager or Service Manager an override manual function is available to allow the conversion from a Daily Limit option to Prefunding, even if funds are not available in your control account. This will allow for your payments to be processed and will also cause your control account to be overdrawn. The same also applies when your file blocks because funds are not available in your control account, the override manual function can be used to allow payments to be processed and to overdraw your control account.

The override manual function is used on an exception basis and only the RBC Account Manager or Service Manager are authorized to approve this function. It is your responsibility to make arrangements accordingly. If the override function is used, we will send you an email alert notification.
Report Types