Youth Bank Account Features

  • Free debit transactions in Canadalegal bug2
  • Free Interac e-Transfer transactionslegal bug8
  • No minimum balance
  • Never miss another allowance payment
    Parents and guardians can set up automatic money transfers for free
  • Earn interest on every dollarlegal bug 3

More About Your Account

Here are some of the additional things you can do with your account, for a small fee.

Details Fees
Non-RBC Royal Bank ATM transactions (on Interac system) $2.00 each
Non-RBC Royal Bank ATM transactions within Canada & the bug 4
(on PLUS system)
$3.00 each
Non-RBC Royal Bank ATM transactions outside Canada & the bug 5
(on PLUS system)
$5.00 each
Cross-Border Debit legal bug 6, legal bug 7 $1.00 each

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