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Why Newcomers to Canada Bank with RBC

Building a new life can be overwhelming when you are new to Canada. As one of Canada’s biggest banks, we offer a wide range of financial services to make banking simple and support every stage of your journey. 


No-Monthly-Fee Banking for a year7


Bank anywhere, anytime online and with the RBC Mobile app25


Easily access your money using the largest combined branch and ATM network across Canada


Talk to someone in your language―service is available by phone or in branch in up to 200 languages 

Permanent Residents and Foreign Workers

It’s easier to make a new start with the RBC Newcomer Advantage1. Discover RBC products, advice and resources to help you settle in Canada.

Explore the RBC Newcomer Advantage

International Students

Our $0 monthly fee bank account76 for full-time students is a great way to start banking with RBC. Not sure what you need? We have a full range of products designed for Students.

Products & Services for International Students

RBC International Student GIC Program

A Financial Checklist for Newcomers to Canada

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you save money, buy a home, buy a car, and settle in faster.


Buying Your First Car in Canada

No credit history required4 with flexible repayment options and financing terms.

Discover Car Loan Options


Buying Your First Home in Canada

Get an RBC mortgage with no credit history required5, plus, get advice and tools to help you plan and buy. 

Learn More About RBC Mortgages


Saving for Your Future in Canada

With RBC you can invest in Canada’s popular investment plans to help you save, grow and protect your money16.

Learn More About RBC Investing


Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

When you’re starting a business in Canada, getting the right financial advice can make all the difference to your success. 

Products & Services for Businesses

Special Savings and Services Beyond Banking

We’ve partnered with many brands and agencies to bring newcomer savings and services. It’s one way we’re helping to make your transition to Canada a little easier. 

See Partner Offers

Get a Canada eSIM/SIM, plus a phone plan deal


Savings on gas with Petro Canada

acces logo

Free Employment Webinars with Acces

Build your professional network with TRIEC

arrive logo

Free information / resources for your newcomer journey

International Banking solutions to meet your needs

Whether you’re on the move or your money is, you need products and services that complement your global life. We have you covered for your needs outside of Canada.

Learn more

Ready to Open Your Newcomer Advantage Chequing Account?

Frequently Asked Questions

Building your Canadian life begins by building good credit history. Lenders look at your credit history score to approve you for loans. The first step is to open a bank account, after which you can apply for a credit card to ease payments and build your credit history.

You can open two types of bank accounts:

  • Chequing Account: To make deposits and withdrawals for daily expenses.

  • Savings Account: To deposit money to save.

You can open an RBC account in 3 ways: Open online, through the RBC Mobile App, or just visit your local branch. Make sure you have a valid passport, driver’s license, PR card/work permit, and SIN at hand.

Call us at 1-888-404-5143 to book a virtual appointment with an advisor at your local branch. Don’t forget to bring your ID documents and SIN card with you.

To be eligible to open a bank account, you must be 18 years or older and live in Canada. RBC must be able to confirm your identity through government-issued original documents, not photocopies. Keep your passport, driver’s license, permanent residency (PR) card/work permit.

It’s easy to apply for an RBC credit card and start earning rewards on everyday purchases. You can book an appointment with an RBC Advisor at your nearest branch or simply apply online after setting up your RBC Advantage bank account.  

How Can We Help You?

We offer a few ways to talk to an advisor. Choose whichever option is best for you.


Call to book an appointment or open a bank account over the phone or by video conference

  • Call Toll-Free 1-866-756-1107

  • Call Toll-Free 1-866-756-1107


  • Call collect: 1-506-864-2275

  • Call collect: 1-506-864-2275