A Flexible, Low-Cost Account to Support Your Local and Non-Profit Group

Royal Business Community Account®

The Royal Business Community Account® helps you keep costs low while giving you everything you need to manage the financial side of your non-profit group.

Monthly Fee:

Transactions Included:

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This Account May Be Right for Your Business If:

  • You run a local charity, church, sports team, club or other non-profit organization

  • You don’t make many transactions each month

  • You typically deposit less than $1,000 in cash

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Account Details

Take Advantage of Our Lowest Monthly Fee

At $3.75 per month, this account lets you keep more money for your group. And for the first three months, the fee is waived so you can spend that time focusing on raising funds for your program.

Save More With 25 Free Cheques and Deposit Slips at Account Opening

You may not have a lot of cheques to issue for this account, so why should you pay for something you may not use. Get 25 free personalized cheques when you open your account.

Monthly Fee Includes 15 Free Transactions

Your monthly fee covers your first 15 transactions each month—such as bill payments, transfers, withdrawals and deposits.

Up to $1,000 in Cash Deposits at One Time

This account allows you to deposit up to $1,000 each month—day or night – with no additional fees.

Additional Details

  • Make Deposits on Your Schedule: Deposit cash and cheques anytime of the day or night with our Night and Day deposit service.

  • 800+ Branches and Over 4200 ATMs: Enjoy easy access to your money through the largest combined network of ATMs and branches in Canada.

  • Small Business Advisors Are Here to Help: Access 24/7 service and support from dedicated small business advisors.

Fee Details

Monthly Fee: $3.75

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