Get Additional Financing for Your Exporting Business

The Export Guarantee Program from Export Development Canada provides RBC with increased risk coverage allowing us to potentially expand the financial support we can provide to you – by way of working capital, pre-shipment financing, foreign investment or acquisition financing, and/or tax credit financing facilities.

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Export Guarantee Program

Finance Domestic Assets

  • The Export Guarantee Program guarantees up to 75% of domestic assets.
  • Individual credit facilities may be guaranteed up to 90% if the guaranteed amount is less than $500,000 and we have an existing relationship with your company.

Finance Foreign Assets

  • Receive up to 100% coverage for qualifying loan assets
  • Typical foreign financing scenarios include foreign affiliate working capital, foreign affiliate capital expenditures, and foreign-domiciled inventory owned by your Canadian company or foreign affiliate

Aggregate Guaranteed Limit Amount

The Export Guarantee Program guarantee(s) that any one customer cannot exceed $10 million USD

Fee Details

The EGP Guarantee Fee is a flat fee calculated on the guaranteed amount. It is calculated using an EDC risk-based pricing grid together with your institution’s estimate of the projected usage of the facility (for revolving lines).

The Guarantee Fee is calculated in advance and is payable either annually within 15 business days of the guarantee date or quarterly in advance. A setup fee of 25 basis points is applied to a guarantee greater than USD or CAD $500,000.

The fee is charged on new guarantees and on the renewal of an existing guarantee. EGP fees are calculated in advance and may be passed on to the customer or covered by the financial institution through its fees and the interest it earns on the facility.

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