This Service Might Be Right For Your Business If:

  • You want to incorporate or register your business
  • You want to design a logo in just a few minutes
  • You want easy access to tools and support that will help you start your business

Service Details

Register Your Business as a Sole Proprietorship

We’ll help you to officially register your business with the government.

Incorporate Your Business

We'll help you incorporate your business, including managing through paperwork and securing the documentation you need.
Currently serving Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Corporate Formation Documents (Digital Minute Book)

Preparing corporate formation documents is a requirement after you incorporate your business. Typically you might go to a lawyer for help preparing these documents but Ownr generates them for you!

Run a Name Search

You can run a unique name search (up to 30 times), check name availability, and receive a NUANS® report (for incorporations only), which compares your prospective name(s) with existing corporate names and trademarks in Canada.

Generate a Custom Logo

Build your brand with a custom logo for your business. Using Ownr’s brand builder, you can create a unique identity for your business.

Fee Details

Sole Proprietorship: Prices vary by province, visit Ownr for fee details

When you open an RBC business bank account, you’ll get all your money back. Offer Details

Incorporation: Prices vary by province, visit Ownr for fee details

With Ownr you get: Articles of Incorporation/Incorporation Application (BC), Corporate Formation Documents, and 30 Unique Name Searches, NUANS Report/Name Reservation (BC).

When you open an RBC business bank account within 60 days of incorporation, you’ll receive
$100 Offer Details

Logo Creation

$49 for a logo design package

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