commercial us dollar visa card

Simplify Your U.S. Expenses

Realize the simplicity of paying for and settling transactions in U.S. funds while avoiding foreign exchange conversion fees.

Reward Type: None

Purchase Rate: 19.99%

Annual Fee: $60 USD

This Card Is Good for Organizations That:

  • Aim to simplify the way they pay for and settles U.S. transactions

  • Want to save money by avoiding foreign currency conversion fees when dealing in U.S. dollars

  • Need powerful card management and reporting tools

  • Want to improve cash flow by extending the company's days payable up to 51 days

Key Features

Pay and Settle in U.S. Funds

Realize the simplicity that comes with keeping your U.S. transactions in U.S. currency

Save on Foreign Exchange

Avoid foreign currency conversion fees.

Take Control of Your Company’s Expenses

RBC NextLogic is a self-serve, easy-to-use online tool that lets you manage spend controls and credit limits on the expense cards in your business in real-time, share credit limits between cards, view balances, customize reports, search transactions and retrieve monthly card statements.

Insurance & Protection


Protects eligible business purchases charged to your Visa Commercial U.S. Dollar card against theft, loss or damage for 90 days from the date of purchase.


Doubles the manufacturer's original Canadian warranty by up to one additional year. This valuable coverage protects all eligible business items that are purchased on the card.


Protects your business against unauthorized charges by employees up to $100,000.


Eliminates company liability for fraudulent card transactions.

Additional Benefits

You can lock your RBC credit card temporarily at any time. Use Credit Card Lock if you’ve misplaced your card, simply log in to the RBC Mobile app and choose the card you want to lock. Learn More.

Use Visa payWave when paying for small purchases. Just tap your card and you’re on your way.

Both the business name and cardholder name appear on the card, allowing your employees to present themselves as business professionals.

Fee Details

Annual Fee: $60 USD

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