Using Reporting and Reconciling Functionality to Improve Your Cash Flow Management

  • Always know how much cash you have on hand

  • Reduce your risk of cheque fraud

  • Make proper adjustments to your reconciliation by sending and receiving your payment files directly from your current systems

Cheque Fraud Prevention via Payee Match

Reduce your risk of cheque fraud by quickly spotting altered or fraudulent cheques.

  • Automatically validates all incoming cheques
  • Receive notification any time cheques received don’t match your outstanding cheque file
  • Easy to use online interface allows for timely pay/no pay decisions
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Best For:
  • Businesses with a high monthly cheque volume (100+)
  • Well-known companies who are more likely to be targeted by cheque fraud
  • Companies whose internal policies require them to implement a cheque fraud mitigation service
Ready to Help Reduce Your Cheque Fraud Risk With Payee Match? Here’s How:

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Balance and Transaction Reporting

Simplify your cash flow analysis through the automation of your account and transaction reporting.

  • Available online via RBC Express receive an automated file through email, available in four standard formats
  • Integrate into your internal systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning & Treasury Management
  • Get next day, intraday and debit/credit advice
Best For:
  • Businesses looking for easy account reconciliation solutions
  • Simplifying cash flow analysis
  • Businesses that want to have easy access to transaction information so they know their cash position and can make quick decisions for the business
Balance and Transaction Reporting Is Available Through:

Online Account Reconciliation

Automatically upload payments to Online Banking for business from your QuickBooks Online accounting software, by using Pay & Sync, which simplifies your payment reconciliation processes.

  • Minimize risk of duplicated entries with automatic syncing of information
  • Save time by reducing the need to re-enter your bills and payments in two places
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Best For:
  • Those already using QuickBooks Online to manage business accounting
  • Businesses with a lot of bills and supplier payments to manage
  • Reducing time spent balancing banking and accounting information
Pay & Sync Is Available Through:

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