Open Communication

We Pledge:

  • To communicate clearly and openly. Product and service details will be thoroughly explained and documents will be in plain language. In conversation, in print or on the Internet, we will avoid jargon and concentrate on the benefits to you.
  • When we have information of interest to business owners it will be available on the Internet, in person or over the phone.

The Credit Process

We Pledge:

  • To make the following information available to assist you in applying for business credit:
    • directions on how to apply
    • an explanation of the requirements for obtaining credit
    • guidelines on how to prepare a business plan, if necessary
    • an estimate of the time it will take to make a credit decision
  • When an application for credit is approved, or when the terms of an existing loan agreement will be amended, to inform you about:
    • the terms and conditions, including the information and documentation we need from you before the funds are made available
  • When an application for credit is declined, to inform you about:
    • the reasons for our decision
    • what we require to reconsider the application, where possible
    • where to find information on alternate sources of financing
  • When an issue arises in the credit relationship, to:
    • listen to your needs and consider your proposals
    • explain our needs as soon as possible
    • give you reasonable time and opportunity to provide the information required to determine the next steps
  • When there is an adverse change in your business or personal financial circumstances, to:
    • carefully review the existing credit arrangement before deciding our response
    • provide at least 15 calendar days' notice before taking any action, under normal circumstances

Your Privacy

We Pledge:

  • To respect the confidentiality of our relationship
  • To collect, use or share your information only with your consent, or as required by law

Professional Conduct

We Pledge:

  • To provide choice in our products and in our service delivery
  • To make readily available the information you need to make decisions
  • To welcome diversity and acknowledge individual circumstances
  • To observe high standards of ethics and conduct in our business

Handling Concerns

We Pledge:

  • To respond quickly and openly to concerns and try to resolve them when and where they arise
  • To provide you with an escalation process, readily accessible by phone, fax, the Internet or mail, to assist you in resolving the problem.

Complete details are available on the Internet(opens in a new window), in person or by phone and are contained in the RBC Royal Bank brochure.

“How to Make a Complaint”(Opens pdf in new window)

We are Accountable

Our Pledge:

  • That we have a firm and open commitment from our employees who serve you that they will adhere to this Pledge without exception
  • The Client Complaint Appeals Office operates independently from Group businesses. The Client Complaint Appeals Office provides an appeal of concerns unresolved elsewhere in the Group and makes recommendations to improve the client and employee experience
  • We have filed a copy of this Pledge with the ADR Chambers Banking Ombuds Office and regulatory agencies

While these actions are important, our most basic accountability is to you, our client. We hope you will measure our performance against these commitments and let us know how we can serve you better. Your satisfaction is our first priority. That's our Pledge to you.