How TELP Can Help You Grow Your Business

Whether you are looking to sell directly to customers in another country, supply Canadian exporters, or finance your first international order, the RBC | EDC Trade Expansion Lending Program (RBC | EDC TELP) can guarantee your working capital up to $13,333,333.

Enter New Markets Faster

Access additional financing to cover sales in a new market, build capacity to meet projected demand, and fund upfront costs.

Secure Your International Investments

Invest in your international operations, worry-free: set up an office and purchase the equipment, technologies, and resources you need.

Easily Manage Your Cash Flow

Take on new international contracts with confidence, knowing you have the cash flow you need to get started.

Invest in Machinery & Equipment

Get financing for the machinery and equipment you need to support your overseas operations.

Simplify Your Financing

Enjoy a fast and easy application process, solely with RBC, to access the credit you need for your expansion journey.

How does TELP Work?

With TELP, EDC and RBC share the risk for your operating line of credit or term loan, helping you access additional working capital.

By increasing your borrowing capacity, you can feel confident investing in your global expansion.

Is Your Business Eligible for TELP?

For your business to be eligible under this program, you must

  • Be a Canadian Company
  • Currently have direct or indirect international sales of at least 15%, or plan to reach a minimum of 15% within the next 3 years
  • Export or indirectly export to an eligible country as identified by RBC and EDC
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