Simplify Your U.S. Dollar Transactions

U.S. Business Deposit Account

Bank in U.S. dollars to manage your foreign exchange needs in a cost-effective manner with the pay-as-you-go fee structure of this account.

Monthly Fee:

Transactions Included:

Minimum Balance:

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This Account May Be Right for Your Business If:

  • You are making and receiving payments in U.S. dollars and you want to save on foreign exchange costs

  • You buy and sell products in U.S. dollars

  • You need to pay employees or vendors based in the U.S.

Account Details

Take Advantage of Monthly Fee Savings

When you hold a minimum daily balance of $2,5002, your monthly fee will be waived.

Lower Your Foreign Exchange Costs

If you want to avoid foreign exchange fees use this account to hold your balances in US dollars, allowing you to run your business as cost effectively as possible.

Additional Details

  • 24/7 Access to Your Account: Manage your money anytime, anywhere through RBC Online Banking for business.

  • Access U.S. Cash at Over 200 ATMs3: Pay no exchange fees when you withdraw U.S. dollars from your RBC U.S. Business Deposit Account.

  • Cross-Border Advisors Are Here to Help: Our dedicated team of Business Banking Advisors will provide you with personalized service and support on both sides of the border.

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Fee Details

Monthly Fee: US$9

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