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With funds easily accessed from any Canadian bank account or credit card, RBC PayEdge makes it easy to pay suppliers anywhere. Businesses of all sizes can save time and money, whether or not they’re an RBC banking client.

Built for Businesses. Loved by Bookkeepers & Accountants.

RBC PayEdge makes paying your suppliers and reconciling transactions simple and easy—helping you save time and money for your business.

  • One Dashboard. Multiple Businesses
    RBC PayEdge's easy-to-use dashboard lets you manage multiple businesses in one place to pay suppliers and manage their information.
  • Let RBC PayEdge Do The Heavy Lifting
    Reduce manual work by your staff throughout the invoice-to-pay process. By integrating with most accounting and ERP software solutions, RBC PayEdge allows your business to pay invoices and reconcile payment information in your software solution.
  • Advantages of Automation
    With RBC PayEdge, remitted payments are automatically reconciled in your accounting software while remembering how your suppliers preferred to be paid, so you no longer need to update this information each time a payment is made.

How it Works

How it Works

Save time and money by easily sending payments to vendors, consolidating funds from multiple sources,
and managing your accounts payable in one location. Once enrolled, setting up RBC PayEdge is simple.

Add Funding Sources — Consolidate all your Canadian bank account or credit card funds into onecentralized place and pay your suppliers internationally with simple, trackable, secure payments.
Set Up Suppliers —Upload your supplier database and automate their specific payments preference. You’ll rarely have to edit vendor entries again.
Sync Your System — Easily integrate with software such as (QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, etc.)
Create and Send Payment Order — Make one or multiple payments through a single order. Suppliers also receive detailed remittance information and payments are reconciled to your accounting platform.


RBC PayEdge is a cloud-based accounts payable solution that helps businesses streamline their accounts payable processes. RBC PayEdge reduces manual tasks, seamlessly connects to leading accounting and ERP platforms, and optimizes the reconciliation and approvals processes.
No, you don’t need to have your bank accounts with RBC to use RBC PayEdge.
As a cloud-based platform, RBC PayEdge exceeds all Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards and is subject to annual compliance audits. RBC PayEdge utilizes enhanced encryption going above industry-standard procedures for payment transactions and leverages a world-class cloud computing infrastructure provider.
RBC PayEdge seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, Sage and Xero.
RBC PayEdge allows you to download supplier information from your accounting or ERP solution or create supplier records within RBC PayEdge. It also helps you gather important supplier information like banking details and securely stores it to help enable supplier payments and send supplier information.
RBC PayEdge gives you the flexibility to pay your local and international suppliersin multiple ways. The different payment methods supported by RBC PayEdge are
  • Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT)
  • Email Money Transfer/Interac e-Transfers (Canada)
  • Wire Transfer/International Wire Transfer
  • Cross-border ACH
  • International Payment
  • Cheque
  • Bill Payment

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