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Looking to expand? If you want to farm more land, manage more livestock, develop new products or reach consumers in innovative ways, you need the tools to help you manage the financial challenges that come with growing your farm business.

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Access to Capital

Learn more about flexible financial solutions that can help you buy land, equipment or other farm assets.

Recommended Borrowing Products


RBC Equipment PurchaseLine®

This flexible credit line helps you buy the equipment you need when you need it.


RBC Farm Management Line®

A convenient option that helps you finance equipment, land purchases, renovations and more.


RoyFarm Mortgage®

A mortgage solution that allows you to take out one mortgage, divide it into a number of different loans, and manage each independently.

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Control Cash Flow

When you need cash constantly, but your income isn’t regular, we can help you stay liquid, and access the cash you need.

Recommended Products


Royal Business OperatingLine®

Manage your day-to-day farm operations with 24/7 access to credit.

Credit Cards

RBC Royal Bank Business Cards

Conveniently pay for what you need to run your farm business, and keep track of what you spend.

Bank Online

RBC Express

Manage your cash flow online, anytime and get the full picture of your financial situation.

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Maximize Your Investments

Build wealth through your farm business and create a secure and rewarding future.

Recommended Products

Savings Account

RBC AgriInvest Account

If you participate in the AgriInvest program, this savings account provides security, growth and a solid foundation.



When you’re looking for security but want to earn more than a savings account, GICs guarantee both your original investment and interest payments.

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AgriInvest Program

AgriInvest is a government initiative to help you manage any small income declines, and provides the right support for investments in order to mitigate risks or improve market income.

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