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You can’t eliminate all business risks you face over the course of a day, month or year. We can help you mitigate some of the more common risks with expertise, products and services to keep your farm business strong.

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Managing Interest Rate Risk

Limit your exposure to interest rate fluctuations with access to fixed or floating rates, as well as different loan terms.

Recommended Financing Products

RBC Equipment PurchaseLine®

This flexible credit line helps you buy the equipment you need when you need it.

RBC Farm Management Line®

A convenient option that helps you finance equipment, land purchases, renovations and more.

Term Loans

With fixed-rate and variable-rate term loans – available in Canadian and U.S. funds – you can buy the farm assets you need and manage your cash flow along the way.

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Foreign Exchange

Protect your farm business from currency fluctuations across global markets.

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Commodities Futures and Options

Manage your commodities price risk with futures and options available through RBC Dominion Securities®.

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Over-the-counter Swaps and Options

Manage market risk through over-the-counter derivative capabilities specially geared to agriculture, offered by RBC Capital Markets®.

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RBC Group Advantage™

Create a stable and productive workforce with support from our group benefits program.

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RoyFarm Mortgage®

A mortgage solution that allows you to take out one mortgage, divide it into a number of different loans, and manage each independently.

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