Providing Advice to Companies or Individuals Seeking to Complete a Management or Shareholder Buyout

Buyout opportunities may arise under the following circumstances:

  • Triggering of shot gun provisions;
  • Disagreement among shareholders regarding the future direction of the business;
  • Desire on the part of current owners to sell the business to management; and
  • Identification of a business owner that is receptive to selling the business to a specific buyer

We work with you to formulate the buyout strategy, conduct negotiations with the seller, and close the transaction. Our extensive experience advising on acquisitions and divestitures, together with our knowledge of capital markets, provides you the confidence to move forward on your buyout transaction.

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Buyout Services

Typical buyout services include:

  • Assistance with a strategic assessment and development of an overall execution strategy;
  • Completion of a pricing analysis to refine value expectations;
  • Discussion of appropriate capital structure;
  • Formalizing the buyout offer;
  • Reviewing and assisting in preparation of financial information;
  • Drafting descriptive transaction documents;
  • Assistance with preparation of due diligence information;
  • Leading or assisting with negotiations; and
  • Managing the transaction from inception through to closing

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