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How the Coming Skills Revolution Can Transform Agriculture

A fourth agricultural revolution is underway, and this one isn’t powered by seeds or diesel. It’s all about data.

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Free Agricultural Management Course!

The University of Guelph’s Foundations in Agricultural Management course was created in collaboration with RBC & Farm Credit Canada. This free, self-paced, online course will help guide farmers & producers in implementing effective business planning processes, leveraging financial tools to improve their business, motivating staff for greater engagement & output, managing farm transition and more.

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Greendike Farm

Chris and Henrietta Groenendijk were inspired to switch to solar power after visiting family in the Netherlands. Discover how Greendike Farm reduced their dairy operation’s energy bills for years to come with a little help from RBC.

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On Canada's Agriculture Day, we're giving a shoutout to producers like you. There's a lot we could say about all the hard work you do, but as you'll see in this video we cooked up, there's only one thing that needs to be said!

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Landry Family

The Landry’s farm business started in 1962 with a modest 100 acres of land. Learn how RBC has supported their vision of the future as they have grown, expanded and modernized into a large-scale operation that now produces nearly 50,000 litres of milk every day.

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Your 3-Point Mental Health & Resilience Checklist

For too long, farmers have struggled alone with mental health challenges. Today, the topic is more widely discussed and help is more readily available.

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Investing in Canada’s Future

To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, we are inspiring young farmers across Canada to make a difference in their communities.

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Your Someday

Like the Kaiser family, who emigrated from Switzerland with dreams of starting a farm and growing their business for generations to come.

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Here you can learn something new or brush up on some key skills by exploring the insights and perspectives we’ve gathered that cover all aspects of business management.

Setting Your Business Up for Success

According to Farm Management Canada's 2015 Dollars and Sense report, only 25% of farms have a formal business plan. Terry Betker, President & CEO of Backswath Management Inc., can help.

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Your Farm - Your Future, What's the Plan?

In this webinar, Scott VanEngen, Financial Planning Specialist with RBC® Wealth Management Services, suggests that the vision of what the future looks like is more important than the actual technical steps required to get there.

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Balancing Business and Financial Risk

Listen to this online seminar by Michael Langemeier, professor from the department of agricultural economics at Purdue University, for a better understanding of the relationship between business, financial and total risk.

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Women in Agriculture Video Series

RBC is committed to investing in the future of women in agriculture. Our new video series is focused on celebrating the success and progress of women in agri-business—and empowering young women to join the industry.

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RBC Podcast Series - Mind Your Farm Business

You can pick up a great new idea in a matter of minutes. Sometimes, though, it’s important to dig a little deeper. The RBC Mind Your Farm Business podcast series lets you do that.

Ep 90: Facing Fear in Business and in Life
Ep 89: Making Put and Call Options an Approachable Tool
Ep 88: Putting the Whole Picture Together
Download podcast episodes
Podcast Episode Download
Ep 87: The New Realities of People Management Download
Ep 86: Strategic Storytelling Download
Ep 85: Clarifying a Time for Farm Transition Download
Ep 84: The Payback of Investing in Onboarding Employees Download
Ep 83: Team Building Under Pressure Download
Ep 82: Hiring Right the First Time Download
Ep 81: Chase the Bears with Your Farm Business Download
Ep 80: Culture, Core-Values and High Performing Teams Download
Ep 79: Planning for Business Growth Download
Ep 78: The Perks and Pitfalls of Generation Gaps Download
Ep 77: Budgeting on a Farm Download
Ep 76: The Power of Peer Groups Download
Ep 75: Personality assessments and their role in business culture Download
Ep 74: The importance of key performance indicators Download
Ep 73: Effective Managers: the why, when and how of consulting Download
Ep 72: Assembling an Advisory Board Download
Ep 71: The Burnout Gamble Download
Ep 70: Making Time for Time Management Download
Ep 69: Financial records best management practices Download
Ep 68: Multi-Generational Practicalities with The Jochums Download
Ep 67: The Future of the Farm Download
Ep 66: Multigenerational Impacts on Succession and Management Download
Ep 65: Chronic Stress and Trauma Download
Ep 64: Measuring Return on Investment Download
Ep 63: Make meetings matter Download
Ep 62: Good governance is good business Download
Ep 61: A plan for professional development Download
Ep 60: Unconventional succession planning Download
Ep 59: Learning to lead through conflict Download
Ep 58: Establishing your farm brand Download
Ep 57: Managing currency risk at the farm level Download
Ep 56: How to bump farm profitability at the meeting – not kitchen - table Download
Ep 55: Training the next generation of farm leaders Download
Ep 54: Leveraging the power of an advisory board Download
Ep 53: Data driven profit decisions Download
Ep 52: Buying the farm one share at a time Download
Ep 51: Navigating farm support programs Download
Ep 50: Leverage and liquidity - making the most of a low interest rate environment Download
Ep 49: Farming Safe During COVID-19 Download
Ep 48: Avoiding marketing plan pitfalls Download
Ep 47: Climbing the value chain Download
Ep 46: Navigating multi-generational farm management Download
Ep 45: Pushing Agriculture Into Economic Primetime Download
Ep 44: Pre Nups, Post Nups, And Estate Planning - Agreements That Save The Farm Download
Ep 43: Farming through adversity - managing around what you cant control Download
Ep 42: The Impact of Women in Ag Download
Ep 41: Being intentional building and measuring trust - Scott Downey Download
Ep 40: Chasing rabbits and long-term planning Download
Ep 39: Making headway on mental health in agriculture Download
Ep 38: Buying vs Leasing - Lance Stockbrugger Download
Ep 37: Mentorship Download
Ep 36: Fitting Technology to your Farm - Rob Saik Download
Ep 35: Self-Care Download
Ep 34: Sweat Equity Download
Ep 33: Starting the Succession Discussion Download
Ep 32: Public Trust Download
Ep 31: Human Resources Download
Ep 30: Tax Changes - When and Why to Incorporate Your Farm Business Download
Ep 29: Putting Together a Solid Farm Business Plan Download
Ep 28: The senior partners perspective on succession Download
Ep 27: Farm Succession - The Younger Partners Perspective Download
Ep 26: The Funeral Home Download
Ep 25: Business Risk and Financial Risk Download
Ep 24: Risky Business Download
Ep 23: Farm Business Planning Download
Ep 22: Fair vs Equal - Jolene Brown Download
Ep 21: Marrying Into the Farm Download
Ep 20: Attracting and Retaining Employees Download
Ep 19: Taking Advantage of Trade Agreements Download
Ep 18: The Makings of an Innovative Farmer Download
Ep 17: Where Is Your Farm At Risk Download
Ep 16: The Importance of Working Capital Download
Ep 15: Joint Ventures, Mergers and Farm Marriages Download
Ep 14: The Business Scorecard Download
Ep 13: Small Changes Lead to Big Wins Download
Ep 12: The Keys to Successful Succession Planning Download
Ep 11: Bootstrapping Your Balance Sheet Download
Ep 10: Farm Financial Ratios to Focus On Download
Ep 9: Preparing for the Day Interest Rates Rise Download
Ep 8: Accrual Accounting as a Tool for Measuring Profitability Download
Ep 7: How Do you Manage Currency Risk Download
Ep 6: Incorporating the Farm for Today’s Benefit and for the Long Term Download
Ep 5: Leverage the Value of Experience Through a Peer Advisory Group Download
Ep 4: Three Strategies to Manage Margin Compression Download
Ep 3: Balancing Farm risks, Rewards and Opportunity Download
Ep 2: Do You Manage by Instinct or Analytics Download
Ep 1: The Art of Goal Setting Download

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