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I need to do business outside Canada
Doing Business in Foreign Markets

Are you thinking of doing business outside Canada? Do you have international customers or suppliers and need to make or receive payments in foreign currencies? Not knowing your way around making foreign currency payments or what you need to trade with other countries can easily cost you time and money. We can help you bring goods into Canada, and make sure your suppliers get paid.

Wire Payments

Wherever you do business, you can send and receive Wire Payments.

Transfer funds around the globe electronically and securely, without the need to visit the branch or make a phone call, in any foreign currency offered by RBC Royal Bank®.

Trade Finance

Do you need help with securing sufficient financing to support your export sales, or, to provide your off-shore suppliers with a guarantee of payment for the goods they ship you?

Our suite of International Trade Finance products, including Letters of Credit, Guarantees and Documentary Collections, can help you keep your business running smoothly by ensuring you not only minimize risks associated with international trade, such as non-payment by your buyer, but also assist you in strengthening your supply chain by giving your suppliers confidence they will receive payment for their goods and, in many cases, helping you solve funding gaps in your trade cycle.

Global Banking

Are you ready to take your business around the world?

Don’t worry about trying to navigate the international banking community; we can help you make the right connections through our extensive international network of financial institutions. We can help you with all the intricacies of international payment methods, exchange rates and more – all with a single point of contact in Canada. Get the global banking support you need and boost your productivity.

Online Foreign Currency Account

Are you getting paid and making payments in currencies other than Canadian or U.S. dollars?

The Online Foreign Currency Account is a secure, online business account that allows you to manage your foreign currency transactions. It gives you the ability to save on foreign currency conversion by making and receiving payments in the same currency, or use favourable exchange rates by converting larger amounts of currency when it suits you.

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