Benefits of Short-Term Business Loans

  • Help you cover gaps in your cash flow

  • Allow you to purchase equipment, materials or inventory when you need them

  • Save you money on borrowing with competitive interest rate products

Business Loan Calculator

Quickly calculate the monthly payment and interest costs for various types of loans**.

Royal Business Overdraft

Protect your business’ reputation and credit rating with instant and extended credit when you’re short of funds.

  • Funds are available immediately when your account balance dips below $1

  • Ensure no cheques or payments will be returned for non-sufficient funds for amounts within your overdraft limit

  • Overdraft limit available up to $10,000 on most Business Deposit Accounts

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Best For:

  • Businesses looking to control day-to-day cash flow

  • Those who need to cover outstanding payments when revenue is slow to come in

  • Companies interested in simplifying borrowing needs – overdraft is attached to your account

Royal Business Operating Line

Access the credit you need, when you need it, to run your business smoothly with a line of credit.

  • Access to funds through Online Banking for Business, ATMs or in branch

  • The line of credit will automatically be paid down with supplemental funds from your everyday operating account

  • Credit lines start at $10,000

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Best For:

  • Businesses looking for the security of knowing funds will be available when they are needed

  • Owners wanting to simplify cash management with two-way revolving functionality

  • Simplifying borrowing needs

CreditLine for Small Business

For businesses looking for the convenience of a credit card but the functionality and low interest rate of a line of credit.

  • No fee, with a competitive low interest rate

  • Earn 1 Avion point for every $2 spent with your card*

  • Use points to invest in your business, reward yourself or incent employees

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Best For:

  • Small businesses that don’t require employee cards

  • Owners who want an unsecured line of credit in the convenience of a credit card

  • Those who want to earn rewards with no annual fee and a low interest rate

Asset Based Lending

Maximize the financing available from your assets with fewer, less restrictive financial covenants.

  • Higher advance rates and increased liquidity available given frequent reporting of asset levels and monitoring of collateral values

  • Committed financing (2-5 year terms) with no annual re-negotiation of terms and conditions

  • Asset Based Lending facilities start at $2,000,000

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Best For:

  • Businesses that require additional financing for growth and/or with leverage beyond conventional lending criteria

  • Cyclical or seasonal industries or companies recovering from a downturn in cash flow

  • Business owners that want to improve their working capital management

Canada Small Business Financing Line of Credit

Supplement your cash flow with a Canada Small Business Financing (CSBF) Line of Credit that gives you access to the funds you need, when you need them.

  • 85% of the loan is guaranteed by the Federal government.

  • 5 years, which can be renewed for another 5 years

  • Access additional funds for your business deposit account at any time – through ATMs, Online Banking for Business and through the RBC Mobile App or in branch.

View Details about Canada Small Business Financing Line of Credit

Best For:

  • New businesses looking for finance working capital costs necessary to cover day-to day operating expenses of a business

  • Established businesses looking to cover gaps in working capital flow

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