A Canada Small Business Financing
Line of Credit Is Commonly Used For:

  • New businesses looking for finance working capital costs necessary to cover day-to day operating expenses of a business
  • Established businesses looking to cover gaps in working capital flow

Key Benefits

Loan Is Guaranteed

85% of the loan is guaranteed by the Federal government.

Previous Purchases Are Eligible

Working capital expenses incurred within the past 365 days prior to the date of the loan approval are eligible for financing

High Authorized Limit

Maximum authorized limit $150,000

Repayment Rate

RBC Prime + 5 %


5 years, which can be renewed for another 5 years

The credit line is automatically paid down with available funds in your everyday operating account.

Simple Access

Access additional funds for your business deposit account at any time – through ATMs, Online Banking for Business and through the RBC Mobile1 App or in branch.

Two-way revolve between the Canada Small Business Financing Line of Credit and your RBC operating account means you never have to worry about funds being available or paying the principle of your credit line.

Business Loan Calculator

If you’re looking to finance business growth, new equipment or more staff, our business loan calculator will help you determine the monthly payment and interest costs for various types of loans*.

Try the Business Loan Calculator

What Else Do You Need to Know?

The automatic transfer between the Royal Business OperatingLine and operating account is operated through a Revolving Funds Arrangement. Revolving Funds Arrangement is an arrangement between the client and the Bank that whenever the account is overdrawn, the Bank will revolve the loan up to the available credit limit to cover the overdraft (and Minimum Retained Balance) in agreed upon revolvement multiples. For the OperatingLine Plus option, the Bank will also, whenever there is a credit balance in the Everyday Operating Account, apply all of that balance to the Royal Bank OperatingLine (depending on the revolving increments and Minimum Retained Balance).

Business Loan Insurance Plan*** is also available for the Royal Business OperatingLine of Credit (certain conditions may apply).

Fee Details

Document preparation fee: $175

Application fee: $100

Renewal fee $0 (if stand-alone CSBF Line of Credit)

Tiered Monthly Management fee: $25 to $75 based on authorized amount

Registration Fee: One-time Federal Government registration fee of 2% of the authorized amount (which may be included in the amount borrowed)

1.25% Administration Fee is included as part of your interest rate

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