Your Industry Specialist Will:

  • Show you trends and industry shifts on a national level
  • Help position your company to save money, seize opportunities and reduce risk
  • Provide full-picture support by collaborating with your other professional partners like your lawyer and accountant, for example
  • Connect you with other specialist teams within RBC to deliver integrated solutions, including personal financial services

Our Industry Expertise

Aboriginal businesses, governments and not-for-profit organizations serving Indigenous communities can access our tailored and innovative solutions for their everyday and complex financial needs. Dedicated to building and nurturing partnerships over the long-term, our specialists live and work near the businesses and communities they support, allowing them to offer first-hand experience and expertise when it comes to assessing the market.

Talk to one of our Aboriginal banking specialists today to see how RBC can provide a full range of financial services, as well as provide support for community and social development, employment and training and procurement opportunities.

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Your vision of the future is as unique as your farm. Our experienced and knowledgeable agriculture banking specialists can help you reach the goals you’ve set for your business. Whether you’re looking to expand your farm, pass it to the next generation or you’re focused on protecting it against potential risks, we can help you make your next move.

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Farm Expansion

When you want to farm more land, manage more livestock, develop new products or reach customers in innovative ways, we can help you manage the key financial challenges that come with growing a farm business.

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Farm Risk Management

You face plenty of risks over the course of a day, month and year. While you can’t eliminate all of them, we can help you manage some common risks. Our expertise, along with our products and services, can keep your farm business strong.

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Farm Succession Planning

Transitioning your farm is both a financially complex and personal event. Whether you’re passing it on to the next generation or selling your land in preparation for your retirement, succession planning can be a difficult topic to discuss. We are here to help you successfully transition your farm and protect your life’s work.

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When it comes to your practice, you need more than just great banking options. You need great people.

That’s where our team of over 500 Healthcare Specialists comes in. As you’re a specialist in your field, our specialists are skilled in designing custom solutions for healthcare professionals. From starting a practice to retiring from one – and everything in between – RBC Healthcare Specialists are ready to provide you with support and advice to help you succeed today and prepare for tomorrow.

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RBC Healthcare Advantage

Best for dental students, medical students and residents

  • RBC VIP Banking account fee waiver
  • RBC Avion credit card fee rebate
  • Medical/Dental Royal Credit Line @ Prime - 0.25%
  • Practice Solutions from our partners
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RBC Healthcare Advantage Pro

Best for new to practice or established dentists and physicians

  • RBC Digital Choice Business Bank account fee waiver
  • RBC Avion Infinite Business credit card fee rebate
  • Royal Business OperatingLine® of Credit @ Prime - 0.25%
  • Practice Solutions from our partners
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Building a great company takes more than just capital.

We help tech companies scale and make an impact on the world by connecting them to the right people, ideas, and financial solutions of one of Canada’s largest banks.


Investing in a franchise can be a life-changing decision, so you want to ensure you’re partnering with the right team to help make your business a success.

With 200 dedicated RBC Franchise Specialists available across Canada, you have easy access to in-depth industry knowledge and hands-on experience, which can help you set up your franchise and operate it successfully for years to come. What’s more, since we have long-standing relationships with some of Canada’s largest franchisors, your individual franchise can take advantage of valuable trickle-down benefits such as business wide group banking packages, faster turnaround on financing, the latest payment solutions and more.

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You put everything into your business and work hard to grow your client base and build your revenue. Whether you’re a lawyer, accountant, architect, or other professional, our industry specialists can offer specific insights, advice and solutions that let you concentrate on what really matters to your firm.

Given the nature of your profession, your business and personal finances are often intertwined, sometimes adding complexity to both sides of your financial picture. To help you manage all your financial needs, your account manager can connect you with other experts throughout the RBC network. From growing your business to buying a home to planning for your retirement, your account manager can help identify the best partners to enable you to achieve your full range of goals.

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The Manufacturing, Wholesale and Logistics industries are major contributors to employment, production, investment and innovation in Canada. At the same time, navigating complexities from increasing local and global competition to changing supply chain and foreign policies are all having an impact on how you operate your business.

How can we help? Equipped with industry knowledge and a broad range of solutions, our specialists can help you improve the productivity of your business, boost your bottom line and make you more competitive in Canada and around the globe. What’s more, we can provide tailored solutions to help you manage cash flows, balance foreign exchange risk, manage capital investments and plan for future growth and expansion.

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As new production and distribution methods create new opportunities for content of all formats, the Media & Entertainment industry has become an exciting and evolving business. No matter which part of the business you focus on, our team of industry experts understands how to navigate this evolving landscape, and can offer you valuable financial advice and solutions.

Providing individualized credit and cash management solutions for film and TV projects, production, as well as foreign exchange services and cross-border banking support, we can help you manage the day-to-day financial demands of your business and reach goals you’ve set for the future.

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As a trusted brand in the public sector, we’re positioned to help your organization succeed at every level. Our specialized account managers see first-hand the many opportunities and obstacles faced by public sector organizations and crown corporations, and understand the need to evolve and adapt to the changing environment. We can support your RFP responses with specialized advice, and help you avoid the reputational risks that are more prominent when doing business in the public eye.

Having supported organizations in the public sector for decades, we can provide the advice and solutions that you need to serve and grow your communities.

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You work hard to grow your real estate portfolio and require a financial partner that understands your market and your needs.

RBC has the perfect specialists to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re investing in residential, commercial or industrial properties or planning a construction project, offers you in-depth industry knowledge and hands-on experience to help find a financial solution that suits your needs and contributes to your growth.

In addition to helping you with your real estate financing needs, your Account Manager can connect you with other experts throughout the RBC network. Whether you’re looking for treasury management solutions, fiscal planning or investment opportunities, your Account Manager can help identify the best RBC financial partner and together, will enable you to achieve your full range of goals.

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As a not-for-profit organization, you’re in business for the benefit of others, and we are behind you in your commitment to improving the communities that are important to you. As a trusted banking partner for not-for-profit organizations across Canada and a committed corporate citizen, we offer a team of dedicated account managers that specialize in the not-for-profit sector.

Whether you are a national, regional, local or start-up organization, we can provide advice and practical solutions to help you achieve your goals—from forming a budget to managing cash flow, we can help you manage your business banking whenever and wherever it’s best for you.

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The retail environment is transforming rapidly and we know the importance of evolving to keep pace. You need solutions and expertise that will let you respond to changing customer behaviour, expectations and preferences—from searching to shopping to paying.

Our retail specialists understand the new reality of today’s consumer and what it takes to compete in the retail industry. We can help you assess your operation and stay ahead of your customers’ expectations, providing both point-of-sale and e-commerce solutions that will create a positive and efficient experience.

Whether you are selling goods, services, or both, our team can help ensure you continue to meet the needs of your customers and employees through state-of-the-art digital capabilities and a line of sight into the future of retail in Canada.

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In the competitive auto industry, you want to make it as easy as possible for people to do business with you. You also need the financial support in place to build and operate a successful dealership every day of the year. Our automotive finance experts offer fast and flexible retail auto financing solutions for your customers, plus commercial financing to help you manage and grow your business.

Our national integrated sales force provides unmatched auto industry expertise and understands the unique climate you operate in. Each of our experts can offer support and services that will meet the specific needs of your dealership.

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After over 30 years of working with Canada’s most innovative entrepreneurs, we see first-hand how technology is moving quickly and reshaping the economy.

Operating in the tech industry typically requires highly specialized solutions and support. Whether you’re a start-up or scaling up, your technology advisor can provide capital, expertise, financing and access to solutions that will help your business maximize its potential.

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