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We’re Ready to Help

You know your farm best. No matter where you are in the process of cultivating your farm’s future, our team of Agriculture Account Managers are here to help you every step of the way.

When You’re Ready to Grow, We’re Ready to Help

Just like your crops, livestock or land, your farm needs resources to flourish. Our team of specialists can help determine what you need to make the most of your agriculture business.

Access to Capital

Update your equipment. Renovate your farmstead. Purchase land to expand. Find financial solutions for everything on your to-do list to help your farming business flourish.

Managing Cash Flow

Every season is different, but your business doesn’t have to suffer. Take advantage of products and services designed to help alleviate the stress of irregular income and help you succeed year-round.

Maximizing Investments

You’ve taken the time to build and grow your farming and agriculture business. Let RBC help you harvest your earnings to create a secure and rewarding future.

Business Strategy

You’ve taken great care to grow your operation. Our experts can help you take the next steps to grow your business and create a path towards the future.

For All You’ve Built, For Everything You’re Building

You take good care of the land, animals and crops on your farm. Now help protect your farming business from risks that come with the territory. From weather hazards to currency fluctuations, find services to help protect your agribusiness.

Risk Management Strategy

You’re working hard to secure the future you want. Our experts can help you actively manage and mitigate the risks to your operation to help you get there.

Managing Interest Rate Risk

Interest rates fluctuate but you can combat them with our loan products and terms that fit your unique needs.

Foreign Exchange

Don’t let currency fluctuations keep your business from flourishing in global markets. Protect your business with services geared at helping you transact globally—quickly and accurately.

Commodities, Financial Futures, Swaps and Options

Timing is everything. We offer a wide range of hedging solutions to help you manage market and commodities price risks.

Group Benefits

The futurefuture of your farm depends on the helping hands who work hard every day. Learn more about pension plans, group retirement savings, and a rewards program designed to benefit both your business and your employees.

Transitioning Your Farm Business to a New Generation

Whether you’re passing your farm on to the next generation or you’re the one taking over the reins, let us put more than 150 years of experience to work for you.

Succession Planning

Let us help make the tradition of passing on your family farm to a new generation easier than ever with tools and services built for change.

Are you ready?

Planning to take over the family farm or transfer it within your family? Our quick Succession Planning Readiness Quiz will help you see how ready you are.

Transition Planning

Cultivate a new era for your farm by protecting its legacy and setting it up to grow in more ways than one. Learn more about RBC’s resources for those on the other side of farm succession.

Caron Family

In 1977, the Caron family purchased a single orchard in Frelighsburg, Quebec. For over 20 years, RBC has helped them grow Maison de la pomme across three generations to over 153,000 trees. Learn how the Carons, with the support of RBC, have expanded their operations, their family—and their vision.

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Agriculture Advice Centre

Stay up to date on agriculture news, business tips and ideas for farming operations, and discover podcasts that’ll help you take your business to the next level.

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Pathways to Agriculture

Programs brought to you by RBC Future Launch partners, aim to unlock the full potential of Canadian youth in our agriculture industry.

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Help take your agri-business to the next level

The University of Guelph, in partnership with RBC and FCC, has designed a free, self-paced online course to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to take your agri-business to the next level.

Invest in your Business. Invest in Yourself.

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Give us insight on what you want to accomplish with your agriculture business and we’ll help you figure out what you need to succeed.