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Flexible options and expert advice to help you choose a mortgage for your condo

Shopping for the perfect condo? RBC Royal Bank® can provide the advice you need to find the perfect mortgage.

Choosing a Mortgage for Your Condo

When you hear the word "condominium," your first image may be of a high-rise in a big city. However, a condominium is not a type of building, but a type of property ownership.

RBC Royal Bank can help you buy a condo unit within almost any type of residential structure. There is no special mortgage required to purchase a condo—you can choose from our full range of mortgages to find the ideal financing for your needs, including:

Why Choose RBC Royal Bank?

  • Easy Pre-approval Process. Our secure online pre-approval application takes just 5 minutes to complete. After submitting your pre-approval application, an RBC® mortgage specialist will contact you to help you complete your application.
  • Expert Advice. Your mortgage specialist will ask about your short- and long-term financial goals and plans for your condo. He or she will then explain the mortgage options available to you, the terms and the rates to help you choose the ideal mortgage.
  • A Name You Can Trust. We are the largest bank in Canada1 and were recognized in 2012 as the "Best Retail Bank in North America" by Retail Banker International2.

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