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RBC Royal Bank's powerful Double-Up option gives you the flexibility to prepay any amount between $100 and the equivalent of the principal and interest portion of your regular monthly mortgage payment on any or every payment date.

Did You Know?

Your Double-Up payment is applied directly against the principal balance of your mortgage, which cuts down the life of your mortgage and saves interest costs.

Example: $150,000 Fixed-Rate Mortgage at 5.5%1

This example shows how effectively you can reduce the time it takes to pay off your mortgage simply by doubling up one monthly payment each month.

  Monthly payments and 25-year amortization With one double up payment of $100 per month
Mortgage repaid (years) 25 20.4
Total interest cost2 $124,675.23 $98,560.10
Interest savings2 N/A $26,115.14

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