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Sell My Home and Move

Whether you’re breaking a mortgage or choosing a new one, understand the options available to you.

Take your mortgage with you when you move

If you’re moving and you already have a great rate on your mortgage, you may want to bring your great rate and your mortgage with you to your new home.

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Mortgage Options for Your Next Home

If you’re selling one home and purchasing the next, what do you do with your current mortgage? You may be able to bring your mortgage with you to your next home, and also add to it if you need additional funds.

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Variable and Fixed Rate Mortgages

From the security of a fixed rate mortgage to the flexibility of a variable rate mortgage, you have several choices when it comes to interest rates.

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Choosing the length of your amortization period, which means the number of years you will need to pay off your mortgage, is an important decision that can affect how much interest you pay over the life of your mortgage.

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