A fast and simple way to manage shared finances
with your social circle

Split Expenses

Split any common expenses with friends, family or colleagues. Split with Friends is a great way for roommates to split bills, workmates to chip in for group gifts, friends to add to the pot for an upcoming group trip, and more!

Manage Payments

Easily request money from the people you’re splitting with and track who’s paid up (and who hasn’t). Bonus: People you split with don’t need to be RBC clients to make this work.

Stress Free and Convenient

Say goodbye to manual calculations, tracking and chasing people for cash. Automated splitting, requesting, collection and follow-ups sent directly to your network make sharing expenses a stress-free process.

How it Works

Open the RBC Mobile app and find the Split with Friends feature on your dashboard or in the “Move Money” section.
Enter the total amount you’d like to split.
Pick the friends you want to request money from.
Split the cost evenly or unevenly – it’s up to you!
Send the requests and you’re done!

Give Split with Friends a Try

Start using Split with Friends today. Don’t have the RBC Mobile app yet? Download it now.