Here’s How It Works

Gift unwrapping

Have Fun as You Unwrap

Go to a location to unlock your gift or play a quick game to unwrap it.


Easily Deposit Your Money

Deposit the money you’ve received into an account at any Canadian bank account just like an Interac e-Transfer.


See All the Gifts You’ve Received

Become a registered user to view your gift history and come back to them at any time.

Getting Started

Opening an RBC eGift is simple — it’s just like receiving an Interac e-Transfer only a little more fun!

To unwrap your RBC eGift, you’ll need:

  • An iOS device (9.0 or later)
  • An Android device operating an OS 4.4 or higher
  • The RBC eGift app

  • A valid email address

Highlights of the RBC eGift app

  • It’s easy to claim your eGift and just as simple to access your personalized message
  • Deposit funds into your bank account at any Financial Institution, and access your money right away
  • Keep track of the eGifts you have received and redeemed

Your Money is Always Safe

RBC Digital Banking Security Guarantee

Should anything ever happen, we’ve got you covered. We’ll fully reimburse you for any unauthorized transactionsgo to legal 1 made through the RBC Mobile app or RBC Online Banking.

24/7 Security

We’re at the forefront of cyber-security and use the latest and most advanced technology to keep your information secure—no matter when or how you bank.

RBC eGift App FAQs

To see a list of the gifts you’ve received:

  • Go to the link you’ve received via text or email telling you that there’s a gift waiting for you
  • Tap or click on it to learn how to claim your gift
  • If you’re an RBC client that has already registered for the RBC Wallet app, RBC eGift will appear in your RBC Wallet app

To find the ‘Deposit Money’ page:

  • Go to your ‘Gift History’ and select a gift you’ve received
  • Tap or click on ‘Chat/Gift Details’
  • You’ll see the ‘Deposit Money‘ link and will be able to deposit the money into a Canadian bank account of your choice

As long as you haven’t unwrapped your gift (e.g. if you haven’t played the game that was associated with your RBC eGift) you can forward the text or email containing the gift link you received to someone else.

You can receive multiple gifts but you must be an RBC client in order to send gifts.

You can update your personal information and add additional emails and phone numbers to your profile –up to a maximum of three separate emails and phone numbers— in the ‘Menu – Profile’ section.

Try the following steps:

  • Make sure you’re connected to a Wi Fi network and that you’ve correctly entered your email and password
  • Ensure that you typed in your credentials correctly and that your password matches the one that’s associated with the email you used to register your account
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, tap on the ‘Reset Password’ link within the ‘Sign In’ page to reset it. You’ll just need to validate your account.
  • If you can’t login after having verified and correctly entered your email and password, contact the RBC Advice Centre

An unclaimed gift will expire 30 days from the moment you receive it.

If you don’t want to claim your gift via RBC eGift, let the sender know so that they can cancel it or send you an Interac e-Transfer instead.

RBC eGift App

Easily claim your eGift and keep track of the gifts you’ve received. Discover the RBC eGift app today

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