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Benefits of Sharing

By giving RBC permission to share a few pieces of information with METRO Inc., you can help to enhance the Moi rewards program, giving you a more tailored program experience based on where you shop. You may be able to gain access to:

More personalized and relevant offers

More personalized and relevant offers

Opportunities to earn bonus Moi bonus points

Opportunities to earn bonus Moi bonus points

Exclusive cardholder offers

Exclusive cardholder offers

How does it work?

When you provide permission, you’re agreeing to allow RBC to share personal information such as your age range and income range with METRO Inc. This information, along with transactional data such as merchant name, location, and purchase date and amount—helps METRO Inc. personalize the offers sent to you. You can choose to share personal or transactional information, or both.

Getting Started

If you’d like to get personalized earning opportunities from your moi RBC Visa credit card and the Moi rewards program, you can provide data sharing permission by simply following the steps below.

RBC Online Banking

  • Log in to RBC Online Banking.
  • Go to the card details page that lists the transactions for your moi RBC Visa credit card.
  • Click "Moi program Data Sharing Preferences" link in the "Security and Card Management" section on the right side of page.
  • Choose preferences.

Login to RBC Online Banking

RBC Mobile Banking

  • Log in to RBC Mobile Banking.
  • Tap More in the Navigation Bar.
  • Tap Settings and then tap Manage Cards.
  • Select your moi RBC Visa credit card.
  • Tap "Moi program Data Sharing Preferences".

Log in to RBC Mobile


By sharing this additional information, it will allow you to receive more personalized earning opportunities in the Moi rewards program.

METRO Inc. will share with RBC information relating to your Moi rewards program activity – for example, information about redemptions, Moi points balance, and use of other Moi rewards program benefits.

No. The associated benefits you receive on your moi RBC Visa credit card such as Moi points earned, Purchase Security Insurance, Extended Warranty Insurance and Mobile Device Insurance are not impacted if you do not consent to sharing this additional information.

RBC will share with METRO Inc. information about your credit card transactions such as:

  • -Purchase date and amount
  • -Merchant name, category and location

RBC will share with METRO Inc. The following information you provided at the time of your credit card application:

  • -Age range
  • -Income range
Only the information for the Primary cardholder will be shared.

No, individual items purchased will not be captured through the transactional information shared by RBC; only merchant name, related merchant details, and total amount spent, as appears on your monthly statement.

No, the transactions will be sent at the account level and not separated by users.

Yes, by sharing your transactional information you will be eligible to receive additional point earning opportunities from METRO Inc. By also sharing your personal information, you may receive even more personalized offers.

Yes. You may provide and withdraw your consent at any time and as many times as you like.

If you withdraw your consent, your identifying information will be removed from the shared data.

Yes. These data sharing preferences are separate from METRO Inc. email subscriptions and will not impact your ability to receive METRO Inc. communications for which you may be subscribed.

Should you choose to withdraw your consent, you will lose the ability to receive future Moi rewards program offers that are based on your credit card purchase activity.

To change your preference for the information RBC shares with METRO Inc.:
Log into your RBC Online Banking

  • Select your moi RBC Visa credit card
  • Click “Moi Data Sharing Preferences" under the Security and Card Management section on the right hand side of the page
  • Choose preferences
To change your preference for the information METRO Inc. shares with RBC:
Please contact METRO Inc. at 1-866-638-0020.

Registering for RBC Online Banking is easy – learn about the benefits and how to enroll(opens in new window).

If you do not wish to enroll in RBC Online Banking or RBC Mobile App, you can call RBC Advice Centre 1-800-769-2512 or visit your local branch and an Advisor will be able to assist you.