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How Your Line of Credit Can Help You

  • Save on interest costs

    Transfer external balances to your line of credit with an interest rate that is lower than most credit cards.

  • No annual fee or cash advance fees2disclaimer

  • Improve your cash flow

    Reduce your monthly payment amount and total interest paid2disclaimer from your account, or transfer money through RBC Online Banking.

  • Reuse your funds

    Use all or part of your credit line any time you want without having to reapply.When you pay down your Royal Credit Line account balance, your credit becomes available again.

  • Choose from different payment options

    Decide how much you want to pay that month - option to pay as little as interest only3disclaimer, or more if you want to pay off your balance faster.

  • Convenience and security with your Royal Credit Line

    RBC Online Banking services offers you many ways to manage your account 24/7 – find out more today.

Pay Bills

Set Up Payees

Set up a payee to use your line of credit to pay bills or transfer funds within online or mobile banking.

You can also transfer funds to a bank account to pay bills to a payee.

Transfer Balances

Transfer Debt

Start saving right away by transferring higher interest debt to your credit line.

Your line of credit comes with an interest rate much lower than most credit cards. Add your credit card account as a payee to take advantage and start saving on interest costs by transferring higher interest debt to your credit line.

Set up Regular Payments

Set up Regular Payments

Set up regular payments on your line of credit.

Your monthly payments can be as low as interest only3, however paying more will reduce the balance sooner. Like a credit card, once you’ve paid off the outstanding balance your credit becomes available to use again.

For more ideas on how to use your Royal Credit Line:

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It Is Easy to Access Your Funds

- 24/7 Access to funds.

- No cash advance fee.


  • A fixed payment schedule (monthly, bi-monthly, bi-weekly, weekly) that includes principal and interest (blended payment)
  • Interest-only on a monthly basis with principal payments at your discretion
  • Principal payments scheduled to suit your budget (monthly, bi-monthly, bi-weekly or weekly basis)
  • Yes, once you enrol in Online Banking you can:
  • View your transactions from this account and your other RBC accounts
  • Make principal payments any time, without penalty
  • Transfer funds, up to your available credit limit from your Royal Credit Line to your other RBC Royal Bank accounts and other payees

You will receive a monthly statement itemizing your transactions, payments and withdrawals. Statements are not issued for accounts without any activity (no payments, interest or outstanding balance)

How do I Order Royal Credit Line Cheques?

Royal Credit Line Cheques

Call 1-866-233-3004 or
visit any RBC Royal Bank Branch.