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Flexible and Affordable Travel Insurance for Canadians

Designed especially for RBC clients of all ages, Travel HealthProtector® insurance is affordable, comprehensive travel insurance that helps manage all important details during a medical emergency that occurs anywhere outside your home province, territory or Canada.

Benefits of Travel HealthProtector® Insurance

  • 24/7 access to emergency assistance from professionals who can provide support, in your own language
  • Emergency medical coverage beyond your existing government health insurance plan
  • Up-front payment of eligible medical expenses, whenever possible, so you won’t be out of pocket

Coverage Options

You’ve got the flexibility of choosing either Basic or Enhanced Coverage—no matter your age, how healthy you are, how frequently you travel, or how long you stay when you do.

Basic Coverage

Basic Coverage provides all of the valuable protections you should expect from a travel medical insurance plan, including direct payment of eligible medical bills, emergency medical transportation, multilingual coordinators, a 24-hour toll-free emergency number and more.

Enhanced Coverage

Enhanced Coverage includes all of the protections included with Basic Coverage, plus Trip Interruption/After Departure Insurance, Flight & Travel Accident Insurance, and Baggage & Personal Effects Insurance—all excellent ways to ensure you're well-protected against unexpected situations.

Note: In addition to our Travel HealthProtector® products, we offer a Non-Medical package, which includes Trip Cancellation Coverage (opens new window) for single trips. This coverage provides benefits for cancelling your trip before leaving your departure point. If you need Trip Cancellation Coverage, please call 1-800-565-3129 anytime from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST), Monday – Friday / 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST), Saturday and Sunday to apply.

Travel HealthProtector FAQs

Have a question about travel insurance? Get the answers you need here.

Regardless of your age or medical condition, you are eligible to purchase Travel HealthProtector insurance provided you are:

  • a client of RBC®, or a spouse, child, adopted child, or step-child of a client; and
  • a resident of Canada covered under a government health insurance plan for the full duration of the trip (this insurance is subject to a maximum of $20,000 if you do not have valid government health insurance plan coverage at the time of a claim)

Note: RBC clients include customers of any company under RBC.

Whether your next vacation is out-of-country or out-of-province, your government health insurance plan (GHIP) may only cover a portion of expenses related to a medical emergency. The reality is that when you leave Canada you're leaving a large portion of your GHIP behind.

Travel HealthProtector insurance is underwritten by RBC Insurance Company of Canada, the leading provider of travel insurance in Canada.

Travel HealthProtector insurance provides quality coverage through the following benefits:

The Basic Plan provides:

  • Unlimited Emergency Medical Hospital Coverage
  • Emergency Dental Coverage
  • Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Other Professional Services
  • Companion Transportation
  • Subsistence Allowance
  • Emergency Message Centre
  • Return to Your Trip Destination
  • Return of Your Dog or Cat
  • Return of Your Excess Baggage
  • Domestic Services
  • Physician Visit to Replace Lost, Stolen or Damaged Prescription Medication

The Enhanced Plan provides:

  • All of the Benefits of the Basic Plan PLUS
  • Trip Interruption/After Departure Insurance
  • Baggage & Personal Effects Insurance
  • Flight & Travel Accident Insurance

Please refer to the Certificate of Insurance for full details.

More ways to protect your investment

  • In addition to our Travel HealthProtector products, we are pleased to offer the Non-Medical package, which includes Trip Cancellation Coverage for single trips.
  • Trip Cancellation Coverage provides benefits for cancelling your trip before leaving your departure point.
  • You can also upgrade your Non-Medical package with an optional rider if you are attending a special event or desire a range of enhanced benefits.
  • To purchase an optional rider or Trip Cancellation Coverage, please call 1-800-565-3129 anytime from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST), Monday - Friday / 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST), Saturday and Sunday to apply.

When you’re travelling, even a minor accident or sickness can become a large expense. The cost of a hospital bed in the U.S. could cost as much as $10,000 per day. Beyond medical benefits, travel insurance may provide coverage for lost or damaged baggage, reimbursement of expenses due to trip interruption, and flight and travel accident insurance.

For a Single Trip Plan, coverage begins on the effective date shown in the insurance application/confirmation of coverage.

For a Multi-Trip Annual Plan, coverage begins the date you leave your Canadian province or territory of residence, for each trip taken during the period of insurance.

During the period of insurance, coverage ends on the date:

  • you return to Canada; or
  • on which you are scheduled to return from your trip (which is shown in the insurance application/confirmation of coverage under a Single Trip Plan).

For Single Trips:

  • You can extend coverage by calling the Enrolment Centre toll-free in North America at 1-800-565-3129 or collect from anywhere at 905-816-2577 provided no event has occurred that would give rise to a claim under the insurance and you request an extension before your coverage expires.
  • If you have had a medical condition under your existing coverage, you must request the extension and get approval by contacting Assured Assistance Inc. before your return date.

For Multi-Trip Annual Plans:

Extensions are not available. Instead, you may top-up your coverage by purchasing a Single Trip Plan for the additional number of days beyond the duration provided by your Multi-Trip Annual Plan to a maximum of 183 days in total. Please call the Enrolment Centre toll-free in North America at 1-800-565-3129 or collect from anywhere at 905-816-2577 or visit an RBC Royal Bank Branch.

The following assistance services are available:

Medical Assistance and Consultation

When you have a medical emergency and you call the Assistance Centre, you will be directed to a medical service provider near you.

Payment Assistance

Whenever possible, the payment of eligible medical services you receive will be coordinated through the Assistance Centre, communicated with your medical provider and billing arrangements will be discussed.

Emergency Message Centre

In case of a medical emergency, the Assistance Centre will help exchange important messages with your family, business or physician.

Replacement coordination for things like prescription eyeglasses or essential prescription medication.

Assistance with arranging for:

  • Emergency cash
  • Lost travel documents
  • Legal referrals
  • Bail bond transfers

Immediately! As soon as something goes wrong, call the toll-free number on your wallet card. You should call before going for treatment or hospitalization. If you do not call, you may be responsible for up to 30% of the covered medical costs.

Travellers Age 60 or Over

Considering a trip out of the province or country? Protect yourself with a Travel HealthProtector Plan.

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