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What Travel Insurance Does My Credit Card Have?

Our travel insurance is there to support you if the unexpected happens. Find out what coverage your card has before you leave home.Disclaimer1


Need Travel Insurance?

Get the coverage that’s best for your trip. Whether you need full coverage or just a top-up, it’s easy to get an online travel insurance quote in minutes.

Understanding Travel Insurance

While every card is different, many of our travel credit cards include some of these popular forms of coverage.Disclaimer2 Please refer to your credit card Certificate of Insurance for complete details regarding these coverages.Disclaimer5

Emergency Medical Insurance

If you are leaving your province or travelling outside of Canada and need emergency medical help, your eligible expenses are covered for a certain number of days as specified on your Certificate of Insurance.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Sometimes the unexpected happens. If you have to cancel your trip before you leave due to a covered reason, reimbursement can be made to you for the eligible non-refundable and prepaid travel arrangements.Disclaimer6

Flight Delay Insurance

There may be coverage for reasonable expenses including meals and accommodation if you miss your connecting flight or your flight is delayed.Disclaimer6

Trip Interruption Insurance

If you need to cut your trip short unexpectedly due to a covered reason, reimbursement can be made to you for the eligible unused portion of your pre-paid travel arrangements.Disclaimer6 There is also coverage to help you get to your next destination.Disclaimer6

Delayed Baggage Insurance

There may be coverage for reasonable and necessary purchases if your checked baggage is lost or delayed.Disclaimer6

Hotel/Motel Burglary Insurance

If your personal property is damaged or stolen as a result of a break-in of your hotel, motel or cruise cabin, reimbursement can be made to you for the cost of its repair or replacement.Disclaimer6

Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Waiver Insurance

Covers you for loss and damage to a rental vehicle up to the actual cash value of the rental vehicle, provided that you executed the rental agreement and paid the entire cost with your credit card.Disclaimer6

Travel Accident Insurance

There may be coverage in the event of an accidental bodily injury resulting in a loss, including death, while travelling on a common carrier, for up to $500,000 CAD.Disclaimer6

Each of our credit cards offer different insurances, so be sure to check your coverage(open in new window) before your leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

Out of Province/Country Emergency Medical Insurance provides coverage for medical expenses related to COVID-19 and its variants, as long as there are no COVID-related travel advisories (such as to avoid all non-essential travel or all travel to that destination) issued by the Canadian government for your destination on the date you leave for your trip.

No, you don’t have to pay for your travel arrangements with your RBC credit card to be eligible for Out of Province/Country Emergency Medical coverage. Coverage is included for the number of days specified in your Certificate of Insurance, and in effect as soon as you leave your province or territory of residence.

Yes, When the cost of your travel arrangements exceeds the maximum coverage included with your RBC credit card, you can buy top-up travel insurance coverage to protect the remaining cost of the trip. You can buy top-up insurance online or by calling 1-866-292-5233.

If you need to purchase additional coverage for your extended stay, please call the Enrollment Centre at 1-866-292-5233 before your insurance expires.

If Covid-19 or its variants prevents you from travelling as planned, your credit card may provide trip cancellation or trip interruption if :

  • Your emergency medical condition is due to contracting COVID-19 or its variants.
  • Your spouse’s and/or dependent child’s emergency medical condition is due to contracting COVID-19 or its variants.
  • In either scenario, a medical certificate completed by a physician is required to submit your claim.

If you have to cancel or interrupt your trip for other reasons related to COVID-19 or its variants such as new travel advisories, your claim will not be covered.

Yes. To qualify for trip cancellation/interruption coverage for any prepaid travel, accommodations and recreation arrangements must have been paid in full with your eligible RBC credit card and/or Avion points. Check your card’s coverage before you leave.

Before you leave, you can buy top-up insurance online or by 1-866-292-5233 calling for the extra days that you’re travelling.

During your trip, call us at 1-866-292-5233 to buy additional coverage.

Emergencies and ClaimsDisclaimer3

Get Medical or Emergency Assistance While Travelling

If you need help during your trip for a medical or other travel emergency, help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call: Toll Free: 1-800-533-2778 (Canada and U.S.)

Collect: (905) 816-2581 (collect from anywhere)


Include the following informationDisclaimer4:

  • Your full name
  • Your current location (city and country)
  • How you can be reached
  • Indicate you have an RBC credit card (do not include your card number)

In a life-threatening medical emergency, get to a hospital immediately and have a family member or friend call Allianz Global Assistance on your behalf as soon as possible.

Submit a Claim

To submit a claim for travel insurance provided under your RBC credit card:

Call: 1-800-464-3211

Visit: the Allianz Claims Portal to submit a claim online

  • Create an account (if you do not have one already)
  • Sign in to the Claims portal to easily open a new claim, track the status of an existing claim, or complete an existing claim
Start A Claim

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