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MasterCard SecureCode

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MasterCard® SecureCode™

Confidence and security when you shop online

RBC Royal Bank is pleased to offer you MasterCard SecureCode – an exciting new service that gives you extra security when you shop online with your RBC Royal Bank MasterCard card. By using your personal MasterCard SecureCode password, you'll have added confidence knowing that you are the only person who can use your MasterCard card to make purchases online. Click on a link below to learn more about MasterCard SecureCode from RBC Royal Bank.



Registration is fast, easy and free.

If you shop online often, you will want to register for MasterCard SecureCode as soon as you can, to ensure you can shop at all of your favourite online stores without any interruption. That's because every time you make an online purchase from a participating retailer, you will be required to provide your MasterCard SecureCode password. Register for your password now (opens external website in new window). Or, to view an online demonstration of our online registration process.

If you do not have a password while shopping online at a MasterCard SecureCode enabled store, you will be prompted to register for one before completing your shopping session.

Remember to register all of your RBC Royal Bank MasterCard cards and ensure that each authorized user has also signed up and created their own MasterCard SecureCode password. This will save you and any other cardholders time and ensure an uninterrupted online shopping experience.


Managing your MasterCard SecureCode Account

Once you have registered for MasterCard SecureCode, you can manage your MasterCard SecureCode account through the Personal Account Manager (opens external website in new window). At any time, you can update your email address or change your password. You can also view all the transaction records of your previous online activities using MasterCard SecureCode.

How do I remove the email address from my Personal Profile?


Participating Merchants

Over the next several months, you will begin to see a number of online merchants adding the extra protection of MasterCard SecureCode to their online shopping sites. Over time, MasterCard SecureCode will become a payment standard for secure online shopping worldwide.

Of course, you'll still be able to shop online at websites that aren't MasterCard SecureCode enabled, just as you always have. See the list of participating online stores (opens external website in new window). Remember to check the list periodically at (opens external website in new window) to see which websites have been recently added.

MasterCard SecureCode

Registration Demo (HTML version)

Start the MasterCard SecureCode Registration Demo


Shopping Demo

This shopping demo will take you through the simple steps for shopping at an online store with MasterCard SecureCode.

Start the MasterCard SecureCode Shopping Demo (opens external website in new window)


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