Security and Opportunity

If you want to take advantage of rising interest rates, an interest rate-linked GIC may be ideal. It guarantees your principal while offering a variable interest rate that is linked to changes in the RBC Royal Bank Prime rate.

The Right Choice If You

  • Want to benefit from rising interest rates
  • Want to cash-out or reinvest in another product if interest rates decreases.
  • Are looking to continually roll over short-term GICs
  • Compare GICs


Minimum Investment
  • $5,000
  • 1 year
Interest Payment Frequencies
  • Monthly
  • Semi-annually
  • At maturity
  • At time of redemption if held 30 days or longer
Interest Rate
  • Variable1
Access to Funds
  • Fully or partially cashable at any time2,3
Plan Eligibility
  • Non-Registered only
CDIC Eligible
  • Yes


  • Interest rate increases as Royal Bank Prime increases4
Early Access to Funds
  • Easy access to capital and cashable at any time
  • Benefit from any increase in interest rates without the renewals that are necessary with short-term investments
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Interest Rates

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