Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)


It’s best to work with an RBC advisor to find an investment solution that meets your objectives. Alternatively, you can use our GIC Selector tool to find a GIC that's right for you.

The rate of return on MarketSmart GICs is based on several factors and a formula is used to calculate the payments. Our MarketSmart Return calculator provides an indication of the current value of your GIC. You can also review the formula and sample calculations.

GICs are one of the safest ways to protect and grow your money. Whether you’re looking for:

  • Cashable solutions that provide access to funds at any time1
  • Short or longer term options
  • Guaranteed returns for most GICs* so you don’t have to worry about changes in the markets or the economy
  • Currency options so you can protect your Canadian or US dollar savings
  • Explore our GIC solutions.

* excludes Canadian Market Linked GICs. For Canadian Market linked GICs principal is guaranteed, interest is based on specific market returns

Managing Your Investments Online

You can update your GIC maturity instructions through RBC Online Banking if your GIC is held within a RRSP or TFSA. (Note: you can't update your maturity instructions if you've already indicated that you want your GIC to renew into a different GIC type)