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Frequently asked questions

If you need to access funds available to your RBC credit card account, now for a limited time you can, at a lower interest rate of 0.99% for the first 10 months after your credit card is open. The introductory interest rate is applicable to cash advances and balance transfers only, and is not applicable to purchases made on the card, as purchases will be charged the regular purchase rate.

The introductory interest rate offer is applicable to all cash advances, and there are several ways to make a cash advance. You can transfer your available funds to:

- Your Royal Bank account to be used like cash

- Your bank account at another Canadian bank

- Pay down your higher interest rate credit cards (other than an RBC credit card)

- Make bill payments to payees available through RBC Online Banking

You can also take advantage of this offer if you transfer a balance by calling 1-800 ROYAL® 1-2 (1-800-769-2512) or visiting RBC® Online Banking at during the offer period.

A $5 cash advance fee per transaction applies and will be charged to your RBC Royal Bank credit card.

You can make as many cash advances as you want, up to the available credit limit on your RBC credit card account. If a cash advance exceeds your credit card account’s available credit limit, it will be declined.

Unfortunately, you cannot earn cash back on a cash advance or balance transfer because it is not considered a qualifying purchase.

If your credit card balance consists of purchases at the standard purchase rate and cash advances at an introductory interest rate, any payment that exceeds the minimum payment will be allocated to the balances in a proportionate manner. For example, if your purchases balance at the regular purchase rate is $800 and you have a cash advance of $200 at an introductory interest rate, proportionate allocation means that 80% of your payment will be allocated to your purchases balance and 20% will be allocated to your cash advance balance.

If you miss making any minimum payment by the payment due date and if you have not paid it before the date we prepare your next monthly statement, and/or if you change your actual RBC Royal Bank credit card for another type of card before the expiration of the offer, you will lose the benefit of this introductory interest rate offer and any remaining balance(s) which were subject to the introductory interest rate under this offer will be subject to the cash advances interest rate indicated on your monthly statement.

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