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What is NOMI Find and Save and How Does it Work?

NOMI Find & Save is a free service that makes savings simple and effortless. It's a smart, predictive and personalized savings solution that looks for pockets of money in your cash flow to automatically save.

To enrol, simply sign in to RBC Mobile, tap "More" and then tap "Find & Save". If you are eligible, you will be presented with the Getting Started page. You will receive push notifications alerting you every time money is saved to help balance savings and day to day banking. If push notifications for your RBC Mobile app have been disabled, they can be re-enabled at any time through device settings. Alerts will also be sent to your Alerts Inbox within the RBC Mobile app.

You can access your money in NOMI Find & Save anytime by going to your NOMI Find & Save details and selecting Transfer Money. From there you will be able to transfer any amount available in NOMI Find & Save back into any eligible chequing or savings account. You can do this from within the RBC Mobile app or through RBC Online Banking.

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What are NOMI Budgets?

NOMI Budgets is a budgeting solution that includes intelligent recommendations of personalized budgets presented to you through NOMI Insights. They are automatically generated based on your spending habits. Therefore, depending on your spending habits, you may receive insights that will help you to create a budget. You can also set up a budget without receiving the recommendation.

NOMI Budgets currently offers 5 discretionary spending categories, which are: Transportation, entertainment, cash withdrawals, dining and shopping.

To create another type of budgets:

  • You may get a NOMI Insight recommending you to set up a budget. Alternatively, you can tap Add Budget from the Admin Menu in the NOMI section.
  • Follow the instructions.

What are NOMI Insights?

NOMI Insights help you manage day-to-day finances with timely tips and advice while keeping track of your spending. It’s simple, secure and personalized.

To see NOMI Insights, scroll down to the NOMI section on your Dashboard. Then scroll through the carousel to see each insight and tap on one to see more.

You can access up to 40 days of insights. You can do this by either tapping View All from the NOMI Insights tile OR from any screen you can tap More Menu and the tap NOMI Insights

RBC Mobile customers are automatically enrolled in NOMI Insights. If your accounts have been active for the past 3 months, NOMI Insights will work for your joint or sole-ownership chequing, savings or credit card accounts. Insights for sole-ownership accounts can be customized, whereas insights for joint accounts cannot.

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