Pay with Convenience and Security

Using your debit card to make payments is an inexpensive, convenient alternative to using cash or cheques. It's become the most popular payment method in Canada.

Key Benefits to Using Your Debit Card

  • Safer than carrying cash and more convenient than cheques
  • Track your spending with a transaction record every time you use card
  • With Interac Flash and Mobile Pay, it’s easier than ever!

To get started, simply use your RBC Royal Bank Client Card to make purchases at locations displaying the Interac Direct Payment symbol.

Use Your Debit Card South of the Border

You can use your RBC Royal Bank Client card to make debit purchases at retailers across the U.S.

Interac Flash and Chip Technology

Chip technology and Interac Flash is the evolution of electronic payments in Canada, helping to make an already safe card payment system even more secure.

What is Interac Flash?

Interac Flash is a quick and easy way to pay for everyday purchases quickly and securely without having to swipe or insert your debit card. This feature is included on your RBC Royal Bank Client Card for no added fee.

How to Use an Interac Flash-Enabled Debit Card

You can use Interac Debit to tap and pay for up to $250 per transaction on gas, groceries or other purchases at a variety of retailers.

Step 1

Look for the Interac Flash Symbol

Step 2

Hold the contactless symbol on your card to the secure card reader

Step 3

Wait for the approval and you’re done!

Use Your Mobile Phone to Pay With Interac Flash

Simply add your personal RBC debit or credit cards to your mobile device to make day-to-day purchases with a tap.

Learn more about Mobile Pay

What is Chip Technology?

Your RBC Chip Client Card contains an embedded microchip that is encrypted and virtually impossible to replicate. This provides significant protection against card counterfeiting and fraud. The chip on your card works together with your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to ensure a highly secure transaction.

How to Use a Chip Client Card

Step 1

Insert your card into the terminal and leave it there

Your card should never leave your sight. This helps to further reduce the risk of fraud.

Step 2

Follow the prompts and enter your PIN

You're the one in control of the transaction process. Cover the keypad to protect your PIN

Step 3

Wait for approval, then remove your card

Done! The overall process is quick and easy.

Note: If the store or restaurant does not yet have a chip-enabled terminal, swipe and enter your PIN as usual.

Your Money is Always Safe

Safeguarding you from fraud is among our highest priorities. We offer a diverse range of security measures to ensure the safety, confidentiality and integrity of your information and transactions.

Learn About Security at RBC

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily replace a damaged debit card in RBC Online Banking.

Steps to replace your debit card

Note: Client Card replacement fee may apply. Refer to Additional Account Services for details

You should lock your card right way. You can lock your card through the RBC Mobile app and RBC Online Banking.

Learn how to lock your card

Report your lost or stolen card online by following a few simple steps. Your credit card will then be cancelled and we will issue you a new one.

Note: Client Card replacement fee may apply. Refer to Additional Account Services for details

Your PIN can be changed at any RBC Royal Bank ATM. To reset a forgotten PIN, please visit an RBC Royal Bank Brach. Remember to bring 2 valid pieces of ID with you.

Find a branch or ATM near you

Interac Flash is one of the safest methods of payment today. Safe-guards such as transaction limits, EMV technology, and real-time transactions work to protect you.

Learn more about Interac Flash Security

Some locations may charge a convenience fee and will post a message on the screen when they do. Always read the screens carefully before you complete your transaction.

Similar to an ATM or in Branch card and PIN transaction, you may have an option to securely tap your card and enter your PIN through the RBC mobile app on your mobile device in order to authenticate you and provide access to additional services.