Looking for a Way to Protect Your Valuables?

Consider keeping valuable documents and small items in a safe deposit box that's securely stored inside a vault at your local RBC Royal Bank branch.

Safe Deposit Box rentals range from $60 to $500 annually plus applicable taxes. However, depending on your banking account, this service may be available to you at no additional charge or at a discount.

Bank Account Types Table
Bank Account Type Discount
RBC VIP Banking $60 per year
RBC Signature No Limit Banking $12 per year
RBC No Limit Banking Regular fees apply
RBC Day to Day Banking Regular fees apply
Box Size Table
Box Size Annual Fee as of August 1, 2022
Small $60
Medium $110
Medium/Large $230
Large $350
Extra Large $500

Note that GST/QST/HST will be added to these prices.

Get Started with a Safe Deposit Box

To request a box, please visit an RBC Branch near you.

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