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Andy Donato — Forever Young

By Diane Amato

Published October 12, 2023 • 2 Min Read

“I love people with great character. I love people who are characters. And I love people who can characterize and capture a moment in time through a poem, story or picture,” says Tony Chapman to open this episode of Chatter That Matters.

His guest is all three.

Andy Donato marches to his own drum. He’s a character with unbridled hair, a magnificent smile and a signature walk and garb. He’s still one of Canada’s leading political cartoonists, as well as a fine art painter and former art director at the Toronto Sun.

His amazing life story includes several Prime Ministers, a tiny ownership of a little paper that could, and many colourful stops along the way. Listeners will be captivated as he reminisces about his journey.

Still roaring well into his 80s, Andy Donato is forever young and forever a beloved Canadian character.

Marketing Hall of Legends and Canadian Marketing and PR Hall of Fame inductee Tony Chapman hosts Chatter That Matters. Each week, Tony shares a story of someone who overcomes circumstances to chase their dreams and change their world and ours for the better.

Positivity and possibility to counter the negativity and the growing sense of impossibility.

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