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Growth Unlocked: Small Business Podcast Series

By Diane Amato

Published June 23, 2023 • 3 Min Read

Striking the Perfect Balance: Navigating the Business and Human Experience in Business Growth

The Business Leadership Podcast and RBC have teamed up to bring business owners a series of podcasts to help them thrive in an ever-changing landscape. The Growth Unlocked podcast covers a range of topics relevant to today’s reality, from digital adoption to the talent challenge to the future of entrepreneurship. In each episode, host Edwin Frondozo chats with experts who share first-hand experiences and insights with the aim of equipping owners to seize opportunities and unlock a successful future.

In this episode of Growth Unlocked, host Edwin Frondozo is joined by RBC’s Don Ludlow, who shares valuable insights into the evolving digital landscape, consumer preferences and the balance they seek between digital and human experiences.

The pandemic significantly accelerated the adoption of digital technology and how consumers interact with businesses. While digital engagement has slowed as Canadians get back to in-person experiences, most still want an option for doing business through online or mobile channels.

“While Canadians are getting back to the in-person experience, the majority are looking for new ways to engage with businesses in a digital way. It’s really important for business owners to keep investing in digital, even as we’re enjoying getting back to that human component of doing business.” — Don Ludlow, Vice President of Small Business Strategy and Partnerships, RBC

Building the Blueprint: Early Steps Towards Long-Term Business Success Part 1

This episode welcomes Don Ludlow from RBC, along with Karen Greve Young, the vibrant CEO of Futurpreneur, and Shane Murphy, the innovative CEO of OWNR, to dissect the foundational stages crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs and the overarching entrepreneurial scene in Canada.

They share real-world experiences, unveiling pathways to maneuver through the entrepreneurial labyrinth, with a spotlight on mentorship, networking, and establishing sturdy financial scaffolds from the get-go. Key moments: Mastering Business Planning, Navigating Challenges, Mentorship and Networking, and Financial Structuring:

Charting the Course: Insights into Canada’s Entrepreneurial Landscape

We continue our engaging discussion with host, Edwin Frondozo, RBC’s Don Ludlow from RBC, alongside Futurpreneur CEO, Karen Greve Young, and OWNR CEO, Shane Murphy. This episode further delves into the early stages crucial for aspiring and established entrepreneurs in the Canadian business ecosystem.

Our conversation navigates the intricate terrains of business planning, emphasizing its indispensable role as a catalyst for enduring success. Key moments: Strategic planning, the facets of financial structuring, leveraging technology for growth, and mentorship.

Changing the Game: Adopting New Hiring Mindsets for Small Business Success

In this episode host Edwin Frondozo welcomes RBC’s Don Ludlow and Mark Patterson, Executive Director of Magnet, a leading online platform that connects employers with student talent. Hear the panel discuss:

  • Innovative strategies SMEs can use to attract and retain the dynamic young employees of today.

  • The importance of promoting flexibility, agility, and offering creative perks that cater to the unique demands of the younger workforce.

  • The crucial role of providing varied challenges and opportunities that help young employees grow and thrive in their roles.

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