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Canada’s $2 Trillion Dollar Road to Net Zero: There’s a Way, Is There a Will?

By Diane Amato

Published November 5, 2021 • 2 Min Read

Tony Chapman begins this episode of Chatter That Matters by sharing his near-death experience as a young boy. Fast-forward to today, he makes observations about the guests he has recently interviewed who have also knocked on death’s doorstep. Their sense of mortality and fragility results in gratitude for life and a drive to give back to make our world a better place.

But does it have to take a near-death experience to value what we’ve been given on planet earth?

In this episode, Tony chats with John Stackhouse, Senior Vice-President in the Office of the CEO at RBC, who leads research on economic, technological and social change. In this no-holds-barred interview, John and Tony share their respective takes on the G20 and COP 26 summits and how the world really feels about climate change.

John breaks down what feels like an overwhelming issue into bite-sized, actionable steps governments, businesses and everyday Canadians can take to (finally) move the needle. He then takes listeners through the making of the RBC report The $2 Trillion Transition: Canada’s Road to Net Zero, including the 6 paths that Canada must follow in the electricity, oil and gas, agriculture, heavy construction, building and transportation industries. Sharing his thoughts on the economic renaissance that can occur as a result — including the outcomes for the oil and gas industry — John reveals his thoughts on whether we have the will as a country to do our part and what that will mean for Canada.

Tony concludes with 3 lessons learned that illuminate how Canada — and all Canadians — have an opportunity to be leaders and contributors to the solutions our planet requires to survive and help ensure sustainability.

Every week, Tony Chapman chats with ordinary people who do extraordinary things, despite circumstances. In doing so, Tony uncovers life lessons that inspire and help you get to where you need, want and deserve to go.

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