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Successful entrepreneurs share stories of resilience, risk and opportunity: Chatter that Matters Podcast

By Diane Amato

Published November 23, 2021 • 2 Min Read

There is a saying that entrepreneurs are born, not made. However, the Canadian business leaders who joined Tony Chapman and his Chatter That Matters podcast to celebrate Small Business Month prove that entrepreneurship is much more than an innate characteristic — becoming an entrepreneur is hard work, uncomfortable, circuitous, and sometimes accidental.

Discover how these Canadian success stories became influencers, disruptors and difference makers in their fields, and get ideas and insights you can leverage for your own entrepreneurial journey.

Arlene Dickinson: Resilience, Giving Back and the Meaning of Success

Arlene Dickinson may be best known for her eight seasons on Dragon’s Den, but there is so much more to her story. A single mother with only a high school diploma, at age 31, Dickinson had the will and drive to build her own business – and the resilience to make it through tough times. Opening up about her vulnerabilities, mistakes and mental health struggles, Dickinson shares the human side of entrepreneurship and offers tips for those trying to make their mark.

Doug Putman: Risk, Reward and Relationships

Doug Putman is a young retail sensation who has bought and transformed iconic brands such as Sunrise Records, HMV, FYE and Toys ‘R Us. A firm believer in the power of relationships and a pragmatic view of risk and reward, Putman’s story will inspire any would-be entrepreneur to look failure in the eye and just take the leap.

Erica Ehm: Seizing Opportunity to Stay Relevant

Erica Ehm has had a long and relevant career — from MuchMusic VJ to founder of the Yummy Mummy Club to passionate advocate for teenage education. A self-described opportunist, Ehm shares how knocking on doors, seizing opportunities and following your passion will enable you to create a life and career filled with purpose.

Bob Ezrin: Curiosity and Creativity

Bob Ezrin has arranged and produced some of the most epic tracks in history for some of the world’s biggest bands. He discusses the importance of curiosity and creativity and shares his take on leadership, offering entrepreneurs valuable insight on how to seize opportunities and make the most of the moments that matter.

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