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Take 2 Minutes: Updating Your Devices and Software

By Joshua Cameron

Published May 3, 2021 • 2 Min Read

“Install updates?” Those notifications can be annoying, but updates bring new features to your devices — and help keep them secure.

What needs updating?

The short answer: everything. The software that makes all your devices work, as well as the games, apps and programs you use — all of these get regular software updates.

Why are updates important?

Okay, security may not be the most exciting reason to update your device, but updates can also add new features/capabilities — like being able to take panoramic pictures or

new emojis. Updates can make your device safer AND more fun.

How do I keep my devices up to date?

Keeping everything updated might seem tough to keep track of, but there are a few ways you can make this easy and make sure your devices are safer.

  • Turn on automatic device updates. When you’re prompted to update your phone, tablet or computer, there may be an option to turn on “auto-updates.” Auto-updates can make it easier to stay up to date:

  • Turn on auto-updates for Apple devices.

  • Turn on auto-updates for Android devices.

  • Check for updates regularly. Even if you have auto-update on, it’s a good habit to check for updates every few weeks and manage your devices.

  • Delete apps and software you don’t use. Not only will you free up device storage, but the older a program or game gets, the less often they’re usually updated.

Updating your devices takes two minutes and can help keep your information safe. And you can help ensure you don’t lose anything important by keeping backups of your files. Check out Take 2 Minutes: Backups.

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