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Go-To Grandma Podcast: Family and Money Matters in Retirement with Kathy Buckworth

By Diane Amato

Published March 15, 2022 • 5 Min Read

Grandparents, get ready to listen in on tips and experiences from Kathy Buckworth and her dynamic guests on the Go-To Grandma podcast. Don’t miss the Take 5 With RBC segment in each episode where financial and retirement professionals join to discuss planning, funding and thoroughly enjoying your second act.

Go To Grandma Episodes:

Motors, Moving & Markets

Cars and homes are among the biggest expenses known to Canadians — in this episode of Go-To Grandma, host Kathy Buckworth chats about both, as well as the rising costs of living. First, Josey Vogels is back to talk about multi-generational living, and why it’s become such a popular option among families today. From affordability to culture to a simple desire to stay put, more families are finding ways to live together even as they grow older. Josey shares tips on how to plan for a multi-generational home and how boundaries, rules and an official conversation can help make it all run smoothly.

Next, Kathy welcomes Petrina Gentille, an award-winning automotive journalist to talk about electric cars. She covers the basics people need to know about range, charging options, pricing and subsidies and shares the cars she’s most excited about coming to market – including larger electric vehicles that are perfect for driving grandkids around.

At the 21:00 mark, Take 5 With RBC features Stuart Gray, Director, Financial Planning Centre of Expertise. Stuart shares results of the RBC Financial Independence in Retirement Poll, including the primary concerns facing current and future retirees. Top of the list is inflation, and Stuart offers advice for Canadians about how to manage their finances during this period of rising costs.

Valentine’s Day Special!

Love is in the air for this special Valentine’s Day episode of Go To Grandma. The smell of goodies is in the air too, as host Kathy Buckworth is joined by Julie Van Rosendaal and Mairlyn Smith who share their culinary skills, tips and ideas with listeners. First, Julie explains why cookies make for the perfect baking endeavour with grandkids, what inspired her latest book Cookies I Have Loved and why it’s only available in independent bookstores. She shares some of her favourite cookie recipes and which ones are especially ideal for making with budding bakers.

Next, Mairlyn Smith chats with Kathy about her latest cookbook Peace, Love & Fibre, how to cook from your pantry and what you can — and can’t — freeze for another day. She shares some of her favourite heart-healthy dishes — including desserts — and the five ingredients to always have on hand.

Don’t miss Take 5 With RBC at the 18:00 minute mark, when Arin Klug, co-founder and CEO of Epilogue joins for a chat about estate planning. Epilogue is an online platform that helps people create their own wills, powers of attorney and other estate planning documents at a fraction of the cost of working with a lawyer. Arin explains the main elements that go into a will and what may happen without one.

Peter Mansbridge, Grandkids & Divorce, Second Acts

In this six-month anniversary episode of Go-To Grandma, host Kathy Buckworth chats with news legend Peter Mansbridge, one of Canada’s most respected journalists, best-selling author and ‘grampy’ to three grandchildren. He chats about what inspired his latest book Off the Record and his instantly popular podcast The Bridge, which has also recently become a satellite radio show. He talks about why Canadians should be chronicling their pandemic experiences, his views on social media and how he was ‘discovered’ in a Canadian airport.

Next, Kathy tackles the tough topic of divorce with guest Kelly Bos, a psychotherapist who focuses on marriage and family relationships. Kelly shares tips on how grandparents can create safe spaces in the family and advises how being a good listener, helpful voice and positive force can help both their children and their grandchildren navigate difficult times.

At the 20:00 minute mark, Bret Shepley, who retired from RBC after 40 years of service, shares what’s been keeping him busy during his substantial second act. A trail captain for the Bruce Trail, volunteer board member and pickleball enthusiast, Bret’s true passion is leadership and mentorship. Today, he is sharing his knowledge and experience with a group of 20 young leaders. Listeners won’t want to miss his valuable tips for getting involved after retiring!

Multigenerational Living, Manners, Money & More

In this Groundhog Day-inspired episode of Go-To Grandma, host Kathy Buckworth chats with etiquette expert Julie Blais Comeau about the bad habits people see and do over and over again. The two talk about pet peeves such as lateness and being roped into looking at endless photos and videos during a family visit, with tips to address the worst offenders in your family respectfully. Kathy also chats with TV and radio personality Taylor Kaye about multigenerational living. Taylor recounts her experience welcoming her 87-year-old in-laws into her home following a medical procedure and the impact it had on family life (Taylor also has three kids and two dogs). She shares tips for other Canadians with aging parents and outlines the value of having difficult conversations about health and finances sooner rather than later.

At the 19:10 mark check out the Take 5 With RBC segment. Kathy is joined by RBC’s Rachel Meggitt who has a passion for promoting financial education. She chats about ways grandparents can help grandkids become financially literate through games and everyday moments. She also explains how a GIC can be a powerful teaching tool.

It’s Never Too Early – or Too Late – to Plan

Whether you’re still working and need a better savings strategy or you’re retired and want to fine-tune an existing plan, take a step in the right direction today.

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