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ROYAL: TEA — Go-To Grandma

By Diane Amato

Published December 13, 2023 • 2 Min Read

Pinkies up, everyone! This episode of Go-To Grandma serves up the royal treatment. To start the show, host Kathy Buckworth welcomes the self-proclaimed Queen of Fibre, home economist Marilyn Smith. Smith has been throwing legendary tea parties for years, and today, she shares her tips and tricks for the perfect grandparent/grandchild tea party. She also reveals why tea dresses, hats, gloves and ‘the good china’ are all part of the fun!

Next, Buckworth is joined by Canadian literary superstar Jennifer Robson. Robson chats about her latest book, “Coronation Year,” which takes place during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. She shares the contrasts between the latest coronation and the 1953 version and her thoughts on the impact of the Royal Family then and now.

Kathy Buckworth


At the 17:41 mark, Buckworth picks up her conversation with RBC Royal Trust’s Elaine Blades for Part two of their conversation about financial elder abuse. During this Take 5 With RBC segment, the pair dig deeper into this disturbing trend as Blades shares that one of the best ways to protect yourself is to be proactive. She reminds listeners about the importance of a continuing power of attorney and urges listeners to understand the power you grant the person you appoint as your attorney. As such, it’s critical to consider who you name carefully.

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