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UNLOCKED: Go-To Grandma

By Diane Amato

Published December 13, 2023 • 2 Min Read

Becoming a grandparent is a time of transition, and in this episode of Go-To Grandma, host Kathy Buckworth interviews three guests about three distinct areas of transition.

First, she is joined by Grandma Phyllis Taylor, also known as The Prison Lady. After finding herself out of a job after thirty years at a law firm, Taylor transitioned to a new path in life. Nurturing a passion to show love and support to marginalized people, Taylor began volunteering at a local jail to counsel inmates. When COVID hit, she began writing about her experiences. Her new book, “The Prison Lady: True Stories and Life Lessons from Both Sides of the Bars,” provides readers with a better understanding of prison life and prisoners and showcases how Taylor learned as much from inmates as they did from her.

Next, Dr. Paula Rochon of Women’s Age Lab joins Kathy to talk about gendered ageism and the impacts women experience as they transition into their later years. The Lab’s mission is to improve the lives of older women by using science to drive care and practice and guide the healthcare system and social change. Dr. Rochon describes why she founded Women’s Age Lab and the importance of focusing on women from physical, mental, financial, and psychological perspectives.

Kathy Buckworth


Take 5 With RBC at the 18:45 mark features Donna Graham, Director, Professional Practice Group at RBC Royal Trust. Graham discusses why the transfer of the family farm is such a pressing issue, particularly given that 60% of farmers are 55+, yet only 12-13% of them have written succession plans in place. Graham advises that succession planning is a process that can take years (it’s not just a single event) and shares factors to consider when forming your succession plan, ways to protect your family legacy and how to treat your children fairly in your estate.

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