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PETTY: SAVVY — Go-To Grandma with Kathy Buckworth

By Diane Amato

Published October 13, 2023 • 2 Min Read

Grandparents are tearing up TikTok! Tech expert Mohit Rajhans joins Go-To Grandma host Kathy Buckworth to talk about how social media use has changed in the last five years, especially as it relates to the demographics of its users. As seniors and grandparents have gained confidence across social media channels, Rajhans explains how this increasingly tech-savvy generation is using a variety of platforms to connect, create and share experiences. Rajhans also touches on some of the risks that come with social media and how to stay safe online.

Kathy Buckworth

After 25 years at the Elgin Theatre — and 27 years of performances (when you count two years online) — Ross Petty is mounting his farewell pantomime performance this holiday season. He talks about this year’s show — Peter’s Final Flight — and why his productions resonated across many generations. He also chats about the legacy he’s leaving, the many young performers he’s worked with over the years and why he’s reprising his role as Captain Hook one final time.

At the 18:30 mark, RBC Royal Trust’s Tom Grozinger joins the show to talk about estate planning for pets. In 2020, Canadians owned 8.1 million cats and 7.7 million dogs — but only 7 percent of pet owners admit to having a plan for their pets in the case of death or illness. Grozinger talks about why guardianship and proper care of pets shouldn’t be overlooked and walks listeners through the options available for including pets in their estate plans.

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