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WINNING: GOAL — Go-To Grandma with Kathy Buckworth

By Diane Amato

Published October 24, 2023 • 2 Min Read

Are you a take-action kind of grandparent? Then this episode of Go-To Grandma is for you.

Kathy Buckworth is joined by Nadine Araksi, co-founder of Kickstartology Coaching, to talk about her online coaching program to help older women find new or improved paths and careers. She explains what it means to live in “alignment,” how it’s never too late to change your path and how to address ageism in the workplace.

Kathy Buckworth


Next, leadership coach and author of Big Gorgeous Goals: How Bold Women Achieve Great Things, Julie Ellis joins with her inspiring story. From co-founding a label business in her basement to selling a thriving operation to a multi-national company to discovering how she could motivate herself to move forward again, her journey led her to write a book that helps us step out of our stuckness and into magnificence. She explains how she came to write the book and what makes for a big, gorgeous goal.

At the 18:30 mark, RBC Royal Trust president and CEO Leanne Kaufman joins the Take 5 With RBC segment to discuss probate – what it is and why people try so hard to avoid it. She explains the strategies behind joint ownership, trusts and gifting during your lifetime, and how careful planning and advice can reduce costs, delays and stress in the estate settlement process.

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