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We make it easy to manage your business finances in Canada.

Easily Manage Your Business Finances

With 24/7 access to your business accounts and convenient ways to send and receive money, you’ll love banking with RBC.

Online and Mobile Banking for Business

Choose from two solutions—our free, standard online banking or premium online banking with RBC Express.

RBC Online Banking for Business(and the RBC Mobile app25) is ideal for businesses that need basic money management for simple business activities, have a low number of transactions, and have just one user who needs access to online/mobile banking:

  • Access your business accounts anytime, anywhere—for no additional fee

  • Link your RBC personal, U.S., business or investment accounts and access them all with a single sign-in

  • Easily manage essential business banking functions such as checking real-time balances, paying bills, transferring funds, filing taxes, wiring funds and paying employees and vendors

  • Use the RBC Mobile app on your mobile device to deposit cheques and stay on top of your business banking

Premium Online Banking with RBC Express(and the RBC Mobile app) is ideal for businesses that need additional features and control for complex business activities, have a high number of transactions, and need to delegate some or all banking and finance responsibilities to employees.

  • Save time by accessing all the cash management services you need through one online channel

  • Manage business finances for multiple locations, companies or legal entities

  • Manage and oversee a large number of business accounts

  • Benefit from extensive monitoring and reporting capabilities

  • Receive detailed, downloadable transaction information

  • Use the RBC Express Mobile app on your mobile device to view business account balances and transactions, approve transactions made by other users, release fully-approved transactions, transfer funds and more

Making Payments from Your Business Account

Enjoy easy options for making purchases, paying vendors and employees, and more.

When you open your RBC business bank account, you will receive a debit card. At RBC, we call this your Business Client Card. It lets you conveniently and securely access your money from bank branches and ATMs; at retailers and stores; and through online, mobile and telephone banking23.

You can request additional Business Client Cards for employees or staff who have signing authority on your business accounts; a unique code identifies each additional card, making it easy to track and reconcile all of your account transactions.

Pay your employees and vendors through recurring automatic deposits. This is ideal for when you know your employee or other payee’s banking information.

Send electronic payments via email or text message to employees, vendors, suppliers or other payees anywhere in Canada with Interac e-Transfer transactions. This is ideal for when you do not know the employee or other payee’s banking information.

Available through Standard Online Banking (for single Interac e-Transfer transactions) and Premium Online Banking (for bulk Interac e-Transfer transactions).

Automated Payroll by ADP is a fast, simple and professional service that helps you automate your payroll processing and tax remittance. This is ideal for paying multiple employees on a regular basis and for remitting taxes on behalf of your employees.

Send electronic payments to any of the thousands of payees in our system.

Quickly and securely pay domestic and international vendors in over 30 countries. Payments can be in Canadian or foreign currency.

Enjoy a convenient and efficient way to file and submit your Federal and Provincial taxes.

Receiving Payments in Your Business Account

Choose from a range of convenient options to accept payments.

Deposit business cheques and cash anytime at the ATM. It’s just as secure as using your branch and you’ll receive same-day credit on deposits made before 6 p.m. local time.

Instantly send payment requests to your clients using Interac e-Transfer transactions30. You can provide a date to let clients know when the payment is due and include an invoice number to keep track of payments.

Enjoy the convenience of having payments automatically deposited into your business account through Interac e-Transfer Autodeposit32.

Get enrolled as a payee at RBC and other financial institutions so your clients can pay you through their online banking.

If you don’t want to keep a lot of cash, coins or cheques on site, need to put money in your account, or simply can’t get to the bank during business hours, you can drop your deposits in a secure depository chute at most RBC Royal Bank branches—during or after regular business hours.

Use Cheque-Pro electronic cheque deposit service to deposit multiple cheques into your CAD or USD business accounts.

Give your customers more ways to pay you and get funds sooner by accepting credit and debit card payments with Moneris—one of the largest payment processors in North America.

Automatically collect recurring, fixed or variable receivables from your customers electronically.

Monitoring Your Business Accounts

Easily keep track of your business cash flow, transactions and more.

Automatically upload payments to RBC Online Banking for Business from your QuickBooks Online accounting software by using Pay & Sync, which simplifies your payment reconciliation processes.

Simplify your cash flow analysis through the automation of your account and transaction reporting.

Only available through Premium Online Banking (RBC Express).

Reduce your risk of cheque fraud by quickly spotting altered or fraudulent cheques.

Foreign Exchange and Trade Services

Take advantage of our foreign exchange, import/export and trade services to do business internationally.

Doing business in any foreign currency can be challenging—and the timing of your currency conversions can often have a major impact on the bottom line of your business. We can help you minimize your foreign exchange risk of buying and/or selling outside of Canada, regardless of the currency(ies) of your payables or receivables.

We can help you mitigate risk and improve your cash flow when buying goods or services.

We’ll help ensure your company is paid for the goods or services you sell to foreign buyers.

Conveniently trade around the world and manage your import and export trade business online.

Easily Manage Your Personal Finances Too

Save on Business Registration Services!

Are you planning to register or incorporate your business in Ontario, Alberta or British Columbia? Get up to $300 back when you open an RBC business bank account within 60 days of registering or incorporating your business with Ownr.27

Your Digital Business Advisor

Screen capture of Your Digital Business Advisor tool

Answer a few short questions and we’ll recommend the right products and services, tailored to meet your business needs.

How Can We Help You?

We understand that moving to a new country comes with many challenges–let us help answer any questions you may have. Our phone services are available in up to 200 languages.

Connect with an RBC Newcomer Advisor

Call to book an appointment to open a bank account over the phone or by video conference.


Call Toll-Free: 1-866-756-1107


Call Toll-Free: 1-866-756-1107


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Call Collect: 1-506-864-2275